Gov. Kate Brown: Virginia's Embattled Governor, Ralph Northam, Should Step Down

VA Attorney General Mark Herring Namechecks Kurtis Blow in Blackface Statement

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"That's the message, and secondarily dressing up in Klan outfits or dressing up in blackface is not cool and it's too much history behind it and even if you don't understand the history I'm here to tell you there's history there that needs to be respected and acknowledged and do everybody a favor and just don't do it", Fauntroy said.

The subdued response from national Democrats shows how their zero-tolerance approach has put them in a bind.

Trump, who has batted away a series of scandals involving himself and members of his administration, predicted the turmoil would help flip Virginia back to voting Republican in 2020. Now the party will have to decide whether to stick with its principles or retain its political power. "Let's say they live by their standards and clean house". However less than 24 hours later Northam held a press conference where he said he did not believe he was in the controversial photo.

Professional blackface performances petered out in the United States in the latter 20th century, though it remained a feature of some variety shows and movies, notably the 1986 film "Soul Man".

Things could hardly have gone worse for Virginia in recent days, after Ralph Northam, the state's Democratic governor, belatedly confessed to having worn blackface. The improbable scenario of the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general all forced by scandal to resign has raised the prospect of the Democrats losing the governorship to a Republican - Kirk Cox, who as speaker of the House of Delegates is third in the line of succession under the state's constitution.

The accusations against Fairfax come in an unstable week for Virginia legislation.

Democrats did not seem to pass that test Wednesday.

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The Virginia Democrat who was told about the sexual assault allegation against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax in 2017 urged the U.S. Senate not to vote for then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault.

A source working with Tyson's legal team, Ford's former counsel firm Katz Marshall and Banks, tells CNN that Tyson "has retained and is consulting with her legal team about next steps". Instead they have, nearly to a person, called for an investigation into the allegations. A few weeks after that, Scott learned that it was Tyson herself who was the alleged victim. "This can be painful", Castro said.

"They were successful", Professor Barnes concluded, "and because of that success, blackface has become so taboo that most Americans don't know the through line of how and why these stereotypes were transmitted to us".

"Since October 2017 when I first began telling friends about the assault, I have never wavered in my account because I am telling the truth", Tyson wrote.

In their statements addressing the blackface scandals both Northam and Fairfax have sought to draw attention to their age - Northam was 25 years old when he used shoe polish, and Herring was 19 when he used the "dark makeup". Mr. Fairfax has tried to brand me as a liar to a national audience, in service to his political ambitions, and has threatened litigation.

Part of the reticence to talk was clearly the speed at which the allegations surfaced.

While both sides are now being hit, the controversy kicked off last week when Democrats called for the resignation of Gov. Ralph Northam over a racist photograph featured on his personal page in his 1984 medical school yearbook.

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