Kevin Durant Gets Heated With Reporters Over Possible Free Agency

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Source: Warriors' Durant under pressure to break silence

In reality, Durant's abnormal silence has been louder than likely anything he would have said in the nine previous days. Why do I have to talk to you. After saying he doesn't think about free agency, Durant then went on a minute-long rant about having to talk about his free agency.

"We have plenty of joy in our building", Kerr said.

"But there's other stuff you've got to deal with... I try to be the best player I can be". We're all getting questions from fans, like, "What's wrong with Kevin?" "Naw, man. I didn't feel like talking". "What's the problem? What am I doing to y'all?"

"We all get a little frustrated, so... move on".

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"I'm done", Durant said. This time around, the drama was for a good reason that many people won't understand. Every time I say something, it gets twisted up and thrown out in so many publications. In a superstar-driven league like the National Basketball Association, everything that stars do draws scrutiny, as we've seen at this year's trade deadline. The truth about sports in general, and the National Basketball Association in particular, is part of the fascination fans have with the game is about player movement and especially elite players being on the move and shifting the balance of power in the league. I am trying to play basketball. I am more anxious about how they are going to do in the second half of the season and how healthy the players are.

"There's only a select few that have the experiences that he has, that I have, that other guys in the league have, where anything you say, anything you do, body language, the look on your face, all that stuff is picked apart left and right", Curry said. Me, personally as a fan, couldn't care less about what is going to happen during the next season when we are in the beginning of February, in the middle of this season. "Leave." That history made it logical to pursue sources about Durant's state of mind, no matter how frustrating he finds it. Durant already draws tons of criticism online for absconding to the Golden State Warriors as a free agent, so Kanell and Botkin discuss whether or not Durant is treated fairly.

It's unnecessary. You have a dude Ethan Strauss who come in here and just give his whole opinion on stuff and make it seem like it's coming from me.

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