Netflix Smart Download App Now Available On iOS

Netflix finally brings its smart downloads feature to iOS devices

A clever Netflix feature that was exclusive to Android is finally coming to iPhone

Netflix missed that deadline, but the company on Thursday announced that the Smart Downloads feature is finally ready for your iPhone or iPad.

Presently, that very same functionality has advanced over to Netflix's iOS app, ensuring that your "downloads" list is consequently populated with the following unwatched scene and cleared of the ones you've just gorged through.

As the feature automatically deletes an episode for each one it downloads, this should ensure that there is always space available on your device.

If a member has downloaded episode 1, 2 and 3, and watched episode 1, the app will download episode 4 and delete episode 1.

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Aimed at making binge watching easier for users, Smart Downloads automatically deletes the downloaded episodes of a television show after the user has finished watching it and downloads the next episode.

The feature is enabled by default, but can be turned off in your App Settings. This feature obviously only applies to episodic shows, not movies. The feature is also available for Windows 10 devices. Then under the "Downloads" heading, use the toggle to turn Smart Downloads on or off. Take for example users have downloaded the first three episodes of a series. Once it's updated, open the app and go to My Downloads section.

Launching Smart Downloads on iOS is yet another way Netflix continues to improve the viewing experience for the users by making it easier for them to connect with the stories they love, and allowing them to take their favorite Netflix stories with them wherever they go.

Amazon Prime Video and CBS All Access also allow users to download content, and Hulu said past year in May that it would soon add the feature. The feature only works on Wi-Fi so you won't accidentally use up your cellular data. In a statement to The Los Angeles Times, the company confirmed it was testing the feature.

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