Fitbit launches Inspire fitness tracker but only businesses can acquire it

Fitbit Inspire Inspire HR Fitness Trackers Quietly Launched Meant for Business Users

Fitbit's upcoming fitness tracker leaks in colorful images

Fitbit, one of the most recognized names in fitness wearables, has a new model out, but rather than its specs or features, it's the way it's being made available that's the biggest difference.

The Fitbit Inspire features daily activity and sleep tracking and alerts for calls, text, and calendar events. The Inspire HR also comes with heart rate, sleep cycle, and cardio fitness level tracking. Fitbit's newest (and apparently cheapest) trackers, the Inspire and the Inspire HR, could have been just what the doctor ordered but unfortunately you're going to have your work cut out finding one. In a statement, Fitbit said the Inspire fitness band's battery can last up to five days on a full charge and that the wearable can also be used while swimming. The HR variant can also track sleep stages (light, deep, REM) and can also record real time pace and distance via user's smartphone Global Positioning System.

While the Fitbit Inspire might not be the most innovative tracker that the company has ever put out, it could be important for the future of Fitbit: company orders could make up a significant chunk of future income as consumer sales tail off.

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The Fitbit Inspire ships in "Black" and "Sangria" colours, whereas the Fitbit Inspire HR comes in "Black", "White/Black", and "Lilac" colour options.

The new Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR trackers are Fitbit's first business-to-business venture, and will only be available through Fitbit Health Solutions partners like health plan providers, employers, and other wellness groups. Apart from the images, there's nothing much known about Fitbit's upcoming fitness tracker for kids.

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