Gov. Newsom to pull National Guard from border

The one-day $1-billion California budget gimmick that has lasted for almost a decade

California Governor To Pull National Guard Troops From U.S.-Mexico Border: 'This Is Our Answer To The White House—No More Division'

Gavin Newsom on Monday will recall hundreds of state National Guard troops from the southern border to protest what he calls "fear mongering" by President Donald Trump. She withdrew most of her state's National Guard members from the border.

Newsom will allow roughly 100 troops to continue working with the federal government specifically focused on combating transnational drug and gun smuggling.

Last April, the Trump administration approached southern border states and requested their approval for deploying troops to the border.

She said that some troops would remain stationed in Hidalgo County and surrounding southwestern New Mexico counties in order to help with the ongoing humanitarian needs of communities there, which, her office, had seen large groups of families, women and children, crossing the border in recent months.

Prior to Newsom's inauguration as governor, former Gov.

"The border "emergency" is a manufactured crisis," Newsom is expected to say during his State of the State address on Tuesday, according to an excerpt from his prepared remarks. Newsom is reportedly set to pull National Guard troops from the U.S. -Mexico border.

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At least 150 troops to expand the California National Guard's statewide Counterdrug Task Force - if the Trump administration's Department of Defense agrees to fund the expansion. As NPR's Greg Myre has reported, the National Guard and other troops at the border are limited to providing surveillance and other support roles. Newsom publicly crossed swords with his predecessor Jerry Brown over the deployment during the gubernatorial campaign past year, albeit in more respectful terms.

Trump's demand for $5.7 billion United States to help build a wall led to a 35-day partial USA government shutdown that ended last month without the president getting wall funding.

In a similar move, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham last week ordered most National Guard troops deployed at the state's border with Mexico to withdraw. According to the governor's office, the troops will be pulled back by March 31.

California National Guard Major General David Baldwin told reporters Monday that Newsom's order went further than Brown's to make it clear that troops are not to enforce immigration laws.

Newsom, who is just a month into his governorship, has held up the state as an antidote to what he's characterized as a corrupt Washington.

"We have not been involved in the detention of immigrants". Grisham said there is no overwhelming national security crisis at the border.

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