Newborn baby found in middle of road with umbilical cord still attached

Newspaper Carrier Finds Newborn Abandoned in Frigid Temperatures on Central Valley Road; Mother Sought


A witness said he had encountered a woman with a baby just minutes before the infant was found who had begged him to take the child, USA outlet ABC News reported.

Aurelio Fuentes Jr. told the paper that he didn't know what he was seeing at first.

Fuentes, 21, initially thought the newborn was an animal, or perhaps a toy.

'The man directed her to the fire station and the Valley Children's Hospital down the street and suggested she take the baby there'. It was lying on its back, covered in its own feces, which had leaked through its onesie, he said. "The baby was squirming".

The woman invited Fuentes and the baby into her heated vehicle, where the two made a decision to unzip its soiled flannel onesie. The pair unzipped the baby's flannel onsesie, and discovered the umbilical cord.

The newborn, who was only hours old, was rushed to Valley Children's Hospital and is now being treated at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

"It's very fortunate that the child was discovered by the newspaper delivery person before she was seriously injured or even possibly killed", Madera County Undersheriff Tyson Pogue said at a press conference Monday night.

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Hospital workers believe the baby is less than 10 hours old.

Officials said the newspaper carrier took the baby inside his auto and called 911.

Now authorities are on the hunt for the baby's mother. He picked up the baby and called 911, staying on scene until CHP arrived.

Anyone with information can contact the Sheriff's Office at 559-675-7770.

Following a rise in newborn infants being abandoned in inappropriate locations, California introduced a Safe Surrendered Baby program in 2001, which was brought into law in 2006.

A California Highway Patrol officer holds a newborn baby who was found on a road.

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