Bills Close To Finalizing Trade For Steelers' Antonio Brown

Gruden gets his star Antonio Brown gives the Raiders the offensive weapon they needed at a reasonable price

Gruden gets his star Antonio Brown gives the Raiders the offensive weapon they needed at a reasonable price

One of these is Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, who is actually cousins with Antonio Brown and impressed across the board at the combine.

That is a real possibility, if the report is accurate, given Brown's Instagram response and the comments he made during an ESPN interview released this past weekend.

The Steelers have been reported to be actively shopping Brown, who has stated publicly that he wants out of Pittsburgh, so the news didn't come as a huge surprise.

It would appear this deal is far from over.

What we do know is that the reported deal between the two teams would be a stunner that no one saw coming, and that - regardless if the deal does or doesn't materialize - Thursday night will go down as one the wildest nights in NFL history that didn't involve the playing of an actual football game.

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The Raiders had appeared to be the team most interested in Brown, while several other squads, such as the Broncos, Cardinals, Eagles, Jets, Redskins, Saints and Titans were reported in recent days to be disinclined to bid for him.

As of early Friday morning on the East Coast, it's still not clear if the Bills are on the verge of acquiring Brown nearly exactly 10 years to the day they signed Terrell Owens. Brown's $22.165 million cap hit is now the largest for any wide receiver in the NFL.

By trading him, the Steelers would take a salary-cap hit of approximately $21 million for 2019, and they are expected to also lose star running back Le'Veon Bell in free agency.

It was not clear what the Bills would have to give up in return for the 30-year-old All-Pro receiver whose career in Pittsburgh seemed to come to an acrimonious end last season after making 104 receptions for 1,297 yards and a league-leading 15 touchdowns.

The Steelers were reportedly seeking top offers from clubs with an intent to reach a deal by Friday.

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