Democrats Won't Stop Fighting for Net Neutrality

Stabenow, Peters introduce legislation to reinstate Net Neutrality

Democrats unveil bill to revive net neutrality

Separately today, Democratic FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said in a statement: "The American people have demanded a free and open internet and I am pleased that Congress has responded with today's legislation".

The bill, called the Save the Internet Act of 2019, aims to restore laws preventing internet providers from blocking, speeding up, or slowing down access to specific online services. "People in MI depend on reliable, high-speed internet to run their businesses, get an education, and succeed in their daily lives".

"Senator Markey, Rep. Doyle and allies have put forward a simple, consensus approach to restoring strong net neutrality protections, and we are happy to support their proposal".

A vote in the Democratic-controlled House is expected within weeks, and Markey says that will pressure Senate Republicans to back his bill. Many large internet content companies, including Netflix, have taken strong public stances supporting net neutrality, and often have been on the other side of the issue from large media and telecom companies like Comcast and AT&T. They were upheld in the Senate in a bipartisan vote and garnered bipartisan support in the House last year before the year ended.

A US federal appeals court last month held lengthy oral arguments in a legal challenge to the FCC's decision to repeal the rules.

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Far from it, AT&T and Verizon initiated huge layoffs in the United States past year, despite also benefiting hugely from Trump tax cuts.

Top congressional Democrats on Wednesday introduced legislation to restore the open internet rules repealed by the Trump administration in 2017. A Senate version of the bill will have a tougher time, because Republicans are in the majority. Net neutrality ensures that anyone with internet access will not have content blocked or experience slowed service. Even getting a simple majority will be tougher than a year ago because Republicans gained two seats in the Senate and now hold a 53-47 advantage. You decide what you want to see and use, without ISPs stacking the deck in a way that benefits them. "There are so many reasons we need net neutrality".

Despite the apparent standoff between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill, some have suggested that it doesn't have to be an either-or proposition - that Congress could outline, in an entirely new chapter of the law, exactly what the FCC's powers should be for the Internet age. But with Republicans in control of the Senate, the legislation could be dead-on-arrival there unless the two parties agree to negotiate a compromise.

Either way, at least it's clear the fight for net neutrality isn't over.

While consumer advocates and providers of Web services welcomed the Democrats' legislation, free-market think tanks and broadband industry lobbyists that generally oppose regulation of ISPs are already fighting against it.

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