Full obedience or tougher sanctions: United States says N. Korea’s ‘step-by-step’ denuclearization unacceptable

North Korea tested a new rocket at the Sohae facility in March 2017

North Korea tested a new rocket at the Sohae facility in March 2017

On recent reports about activity at the North's Dongchang-ri missile facility, . the official said the Trump administration is still trying to determine exactly what North Korea is doing, but did not necessarily agree with those who say the activity is a sign of North Korea's discontent following the Hanoi summit. While the exercises are created to prepare the U.S.

"I don't think I will be" disappointed, Trump said, "but we'll see what happens". The site houses the technology that, if successful, could launch a missile capable of reaching the U.S.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un each left the Hanoi summit last week empty-handed, after the North Korean leader failed to persuade Trump to fulfil his part of the deal and remove at least some of the sanctions.

South Korean newspapers reported that Suh Hoon, director of the country's National Intelligence Service, told MPs that cargo vehicles had been detected carrying supplies to the missile research centre at Sanumdong, near Pyongyang.

The move comes after 38 North, a website specializing in North Korea studies, published satellite images showing the regime restored a rocket launch site it had previously dismantled as part of its disarmament pledge previous year.

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton warned North Korea that it must be willing to completely give up its nuclear weapons program or it may face even tougher sanctions.

A few days later satellite imagery surfaced conveniently, showing unspecified "activity" at Sohae satellite launching site, which North Korea began to dismantle previous year.

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North Korea on Thursday blasted new, smaller-scale U.S.

The United States still hopes that Pyongyang will be completely denuclearized before the end of Donald Trump's term in 2021, a State Department official told reporters, insisting that the incremental approach has been rejected by the administration.

North Korean state media continue to portray the abortive summit with the U.S.as a roaring success, but the truth is trickling in through the border with China.

Taking to twitter he questioned: "North Korea testing again?"

They called the North Korean actions "an affront to the president's diplomatic strategy" that also showed Pyongyang's "pique" over Trump's refusal to lift sanctions.

The paper also quoted Suh as saying North Korea had continued to run its uranium enrichment facility at the main Yongbyon nuclear complex after Trump and Kim's first summit in Singapore last June. North Korea is restoring facilities at the long-range rocket launch, which it dismantled a year ago as part of disarmament steps, according to foreign experts and a South Korean lawmaker who was briefed by Seoul's spy service.

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