Google’s Crazy Reservation-Making A.I. Is Coming to iPhone

Continued Conversation comes to the Google Home Hub and other smart displays. — Google handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews

Google Duplex assistant is coming to more states and restaurants

I actually hadn't realized it wasn't available on Smart Displays, but that's great news! This mode sees Google Assistant act as a translator, allowing for free-flowing conversation in a number of languages. The Google Assistant feature was built using Google Duplex technology, an AI system that can hold more personalized and realistic human-computer interactions. But that demo was quickly overshadowed by concerns that Google didn't sufficiently disclose that you were talking to a machine, not a human.

Google first showed off Duplex last summer, before rolling it out to a small number of users in a handful of USA cities in October.

What it basically does is that it calls a restaurant and then proceeds with a conversation and gets a table (or tables) booked for you. Essentially, Google Home will keep listening for a short time after it's done responding to a command.

There are also new ways consumers can use Google Assistant with their smart displays to play games, share photos or interpret different languages. One of the most popular of these is Continued Conversations.

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If you want a single device to tell you the weather forecast, set your alarms, operate all your other compatible devices and do a lot more, then smart displays are worth a look.

Google is bringing Continued Conversation to Assistant-powered Smart Displays, such as its Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display. What other features do you wish Google would add to the Smart Display platform?

Google Smart Displays can double up as a digital photo frame, allowing you to show off your best photos, whether that's your dog or your baby. But my colleague Chris Welch notes that it can be a little weird to not be able to listen in on those calls yourself to hear exactly what happened.

How do you setup and control multi-room audio on your Google Smart Display?

You'll play five rounds of trivia culminating in the final round of challenging "Guesstimation Station" brain teasers where you'll answer questions like, "How many dimples does a golf ball have?" Let us know in the comments. What do you think of it?

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