Apex Legends Hits 50 Million Players Mark Worldwide

Fans Find Evidence That Respawning Might Be Coming To Fortnite

What Your Favourite Apex Legends Character Says About You

Apex Legends has 50 million players worldwide just four weeks after its surprise launch on February 4, developer Respawn Entertainment announced Monday. Still, it's unfortunate that such a thing happens to a Battle Royale shooter like Apex Legends and costs you a game. Maybe, they want to surprise us again like they did with the original game.

This month, Respawn will also kick off Season 1 for Apex Legends, debuting the Battle Pass and additional in-game content. For a game that's been on the market for exactly one month, that's mind-boggling.

We already have the new Havoc rifle, but players will also get the L-Star LMG likely around the start of season 1, according to a previous leak.

Fans Find Evidence That Respawning Might Be Coming To Fortnite

A Battle Pass for Apex Legends will arrive sometime this month. On the down side, Anthem seems to be crashing hard (or actually hard crashing in this particular case), while on the up side Apex Legends is soaring higher and higher.

So.when's the release date of Apex Legends?

The official Apex Legends Twitter account shared a tweet and a video thanking fans for their support and saying that they "can't wait" to show everyone what's next. One team-mate apparently never made it into the game, while the other dropped out without dealing any damage. Each of these legends possesses unique powers that can help them turn the tide of a battle. A total of 20 teams with 3 players in each (a total of 60 players instead of 100, unlike PUBG) land, collect items and weapons and fight for survival.

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