Apple AR glasses may enter mass production in 2019

Simple Apple AR glasses tipped for 2020

Apple to Release an AR Headset Next Year

At a shareholders meeting in February, Tim Cook offered hope to investors battered by Apple's shaky stock price by announcing that the company was "planting seeds" and "rolling the dice" on future products that will "blow you away". Cross your fingers we see more of the headset sooner rather than later.

With Apple's AR glasses depending on the iPhone for processing, it might mean that the device will be lighter and easier to wear than other headsets. As a result of this Apple is developing augmented reality glasses, something that is not a secret, and it seems that they could enter production later this year or early 2020 as revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to a report by renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Cupertino's AR glasses could go into mass production by Q4 2019.

The glasses will be an iPhone accessory that acts kind of like an external display.

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"We think, due to technology limitations, that Apple will integrate its head-worn AR device and iPhone", wrote Kuo.

There are a lot of open questions about how the glasses would connect to an iPhone. How much battery will one have to sacrifice just to have the AR experience on your face? It also sounds like the iPhone will not have to be slotted into the headset for the glasses to work - 9to5Mac said that the phone will be capable of powering the headset from a user's pocket. It can also take advantage of the popularity and mobility of Apple's iPhone, whereas Microsoft is forced to make a bulkier standalone headset that is relegated to confined, indoor use cases.

The timeline set for the AR products launch matches with a report published about two years ago by Bloomberg. In November 2017, the company was said to be working on AR glasses for a 2020 shipment. How compelling and useful the AR products will be to the average user is still being widely speculated.

Apart from a new range of ThinkPad and Chromebook laptops, Lenovo also unveiled Yoga ANC headphones designed for immersive entertainment or productivity. The production could begin as early as the end of this year and will be made available to the public during the first half of 2020.

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