Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Tutorial Leaks Online in New Footage

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Leak Online

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Tutorial Leaks Online in New Footage

The leaked trailer revealed numerous vehicles that will make their way to Firestorm such as helicopters, jeeps, tanks and more. As you'd expect, the Firestorm tutorial follows the same structure and presentation seen in introduction videos for other modes in the game. Battlefield 5's global community engagement manager F8RGE said this in response to the video leak "Leaks of early versions and information are just that, early". It's likely going to be taken down, but you can always go back to the EA server link. The difference with Firestorm is that you can shoot a pistol when floundering about on the floor, and also, once you do die - by getting finished off, or bleeding out - you can't be respawned by teammates at a nearby beacon. As the data dump suggested, Firestorm supports solos, duos, and four-player squads. That's to say you will drop on a map, scrounge around for weapons for yourself and any potentially teammates, and grab backpacks for additional storage capacity on your person. Instead, weapons are divided into three classes-Common, Rare, and Epic.

You'll have weapons of varying rarity and effectiveness, and have to manage your inventory to ensure you don't run out of the right ammo type for your specific gun.

What are you thoughts on this Firestorm datamine? Well, in an apparent breakdown video that has leaked - the answer is a lot like other battle royale games out there.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm to Headline Chapter 3 of Tides of War

As expected, there are map objectives. Firestorm will be EA's second new battle royale experience in as many months, as Respawn launched its free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends in February.

From the response, it's clear that DICE might just have more things to show us in the future.

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