Britain braces for make-or-break Brexit vote

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will hold a press conference at Government Buildings this morning

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will hold a press conference at Government Buildings this morning

"And we didn't. We supported Leave".

"At first she appeared to be a unifier, but she turned out to have too little courage, imagination or skill to lead the Brexit negotiations", said an editorial in the Conservative-backing Spectator magazine.

How will Prime Minister Theresa May be judged and what's her future?

What next for PM Theresa May and Brexit? "Whether they listen or not is another matter", a senior member from the Conservative Party told the newspaper.

And why would they be persuaded?

May's office says talks are continuing to try to secure changes to the deal that can win over opponents in Parliament. British politicians worry that the United Kingdom could be trapped against its will in the backstop and bound by European Union trade rules potentially forever.

Labour's Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer confirmed it would not put forward a plan for a second referendum on Tuesday, but repeated that it reserved the right to do this at a later date.

May offered lawmakers a "meaningful" vote on what she had hoped would be a revised deal on Tuesday but with no major changes yet secured, Brexit-supporting lawmakers warned it would be defeated again.

"No deal for Britain is better than a bad deal", she insists. Aside from that, be on the look out for May's written statement and the United Kingdom government's Brexit motion as that will be the next catalyst for pound movement today. The following day could see a further vote on whether to ask the European Union to delay the whole process.

As May has failed to substantially change her Brexit strategy for months, she has found it has been changed for her by lawmakers from all parties.

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On Sunday, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt urged MPs to back the deal or risk losing Brexit altogether. There was, he said, now "wind in the sails" of people who want to stop Brexit, and that the two out of the three measures needed for that to happen - May's deal killed off and Article 50 delayed - could be achieved this week. If anything, the tone in recent days has hardened.

In a last-ditch appeal to the European Union and to lawmakers at home, May said in a speech on Friday it was time to end the uncertainty over Brexit by approving the deal.

May promised lawmakers two weeks ago they would get a second vote on the deal by March 12, but hard-line Brexit supporters are warning she should postpone the vote rather than risk another crushing defeat.

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Parliamentarians will this week decide how and when Britain should leave the European Union in a series of votes that could determine the country's prosperity for decades to come.

'As Prime Minister, she needs to show some leadership and reset the debate. "It's not time that we need, but a decision".

He denied another reverse was "inevitable", but admitted on Sky News" Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme: "In the event of this vote not going through, nobody knows what would happen.

As so much with British politics, the unexpected has become the surer bet.

"If the votes go this week in a way which means that the prime minister's policy as she has set out and stuck to rigidly over the course of the last two-and-a-bit a years is taken away, dismantled slowly by Parliament this week, I think it would be very hard for the prime minister to stay in office for very much longer", Morgan told the BBC.

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