Malaysia frees Indonesian suspect in Kim Jong Nam murder case

Kim Jong-nam: Indonesian woman to be freed in murder case

Malaysia: Kim Jong Nam murder suspect freed by court

The case against Siti Aisyah, the Indonesian woman who was charged with the murder of the estranged brother of Kim Jong-un, has been dropped by a court in Malaysia.

Authorities say the two women exposed Kim to the deadly nerve agent VX as he entered an airport in Kuala Lumpur, killing him in minutes.

Last year, a judge called for the women to enter their defense, saying there was evidence that they were part of a "well-planned conspiracy" with four North Korean men to kill Kim.

Siti Aisyah cried and hugged her Vietnamese co-defendant, Doan Thi Huong, before leaving the courtroom and being ushered away in an embassy auto.

"I am surprised and very happy", she said. He said Huong was distraught and felt Aisyah's discharge was unfair to her as the judge past year had found sufficient evidence to continue the murder trial against them.

Siti Aisyah cried and hugged her co-defendant, Doan Thi Huong from Vietnam, before leaving the courtroom.

Prosecutor Iskandar Ahmad said the discharge not amounting to acquittal means Ms Aisyah can be recharged but there are no such plans for now. "We will try to fly Siti back to Indonesia today or as soon as possible".

Huong's lawyer Hisham Teh Poh Teik told The Associated Press they will seek postponement of her trial. "Huong had no. intention to commit murder".

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Salim Bashir, a lawyer for Huong, said previously she was prepared to testify under oath for her defense.

Indonesia's ambassador to Malaysia, who was in court with Aisyah, thanked the judge and the Malaysian government, but declined to answer questions about what is next for her. It is completely different from what the prosecutors had painted.

From the outset of the case, there were suspicions that Kim Jong Nam was the victim of plot arranged by North Korean agents who left Malaysia in the hours after the killing, and the two women had been merely pawns in a political assassination.

Malaysia made a decision to drop the murder charge against the Indonesian suspect in the Kim Jong Nam case after taking into account the good relations between Malaysia and Indonesia, it was revealed on Monday (March 11) following the surprise development in the case that has gripped the world.

Kim Jong Nam fled North Korea and lived in exile in Macau for several years before the killing.

Kim was once seen as a future leader of the isolated country, but when his father Kim Jong-il died, was bypassed in favour of the younger Kim Jong-un.

The Malaysian government is considering abolishing capital punishment for all crimes, however it is uncertain if the changes will be implemented before the sentence is handed down.

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