Western Alberta unemployment rate increases to 5.1 per cent

Unemployment rate

New jobs report says Calgary’s unemployment increased

Job creation in Canada once again blew past expectations with 56,000 positions added in February - majority were full-time. A year ago, the jobless rate there was 9.5 per cent.

The Canadian dollar strengthened against its US counterpart on Friday, as bets for an interest rate cut by the Bank of Canada this year were slashed after domestic data showed a spike in jobs that surprised investors. "And so, every time you think that there's no more workers to hire, there's more workers that seem to get hired".

The jobless rate, meanwhile, stayed flat at 5.8 per cent despite the job surge because more people were looking for work, too.

Part-time job losses of 11,600 were offset by an increase of 67,400 full-time jobs. The agency said the number of more desirable employee positions in the private sector climbed by 31,800 last month, while public sector jobs rose 8,900.

There was little change in the number of people who are self-employed, while employment dropped by 11,000 in transportation and warehousing, mostly in Ontario. Money markets were pricing in less than a 15 percent chance of an interest rate cut this year by the Bank of Canada, down from almost 40 percent before the data.

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At Friday's appearance, Notley was announcing a new, $600M petrochemical upgrading facility to be built northeast of Edmonton, and says her government will continue with such initiatives to help add jobs to the economy. In particular, the central bank focuses on a reading called "wage common", which incorporates payroll data from several sources, not just from the labour force survey.

While employment nationwide rose again for the second straight month, the news wasn't quite so rosy here in Alberta and the City of Calgary.

"Ka-boom, so much for employers lacking confidence to be heaping on this kind of job growth", said Holt, in a research note.

The unemployment rate for the region that includes the Peace Country went up slightly in February, but this area is still doing better than most of Alberta.

Overall for B.C., unemployment remained low at a rate of 4.5 percent; the lowest unemployment rate in Canada for the past 18 months in a row.

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