Android Q beta will be on even more phones than Pie

Android Q

Android Q Beta Will Be Available For More Phones Than Android Pie Beta

Q: I noticed that when we announced the Android Pie preview at last year's I/O, there were several devices that were announced at that time, which I thought was new to have that many different devices coming out. And Google may drop the first Android Q beta as soon as Monday according to a discovery. This is apparently a confirmation that the beta will drop on March 11th. At the very least, it seems like the developer preview for Android Q will be starting soon, but we'll have to wait on Google for official word on when it will kick off.

Malchev did not reveal the names of the companies that might be added or even how many of them would be added, but the number is expected to be higher than the seven companies from the Android Pie beta testing.

Essentially, it's part of the core OS code, that makes it easier for OEMs to roll out software updates.

Until then, you can keep guessing what Google will call its new Android version. A lower test score is indicative of the fact that the version of Android its running is unstable.

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"At Google I/O [2018], when we did the first beta, we had all these companies lined up and that was really that unbelievable", Malchev said. The Android Q Beta bug tracker can be used to report issues related to Android Q Beta only and the testers can star or comment on an issue which has been already posted. The number is bigger for the upcoming Android release, but we don't quite know the OEMs involved just yet.

Google launched the first Android P Developer Preview build in mid-March past year, but there's a high chance that the first Android Q beta release will drop a few days earlier.

With Android Pie in 2018, this mean manufacturers like Sony, Oppo, OnePlus, Nokia, Essential and Xiaomi were able to join the early beta phase and have the new software available to try, weeks before it was released publicly.

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