Facebook briefly takes down Elizabeth Warren's ads on breaking up Facebook

Sen. Elizabeth Warren announces her official bid for president on Feb. 9 2019 in Lawrence Massachusetts

Sen. Elizabeth Warren announces her official bid for president on Feb. 9 2019 in Lawrence Massachusetts

Politico first spotted the removal of Warren's ads on Monday and reported that three of them had been pulled down for violating Facebook's rules. Facebook's advertising policies prohibit the use of the company's corporate logo in ads. The spokesperson explained that the social network has now restored them "in the interest of allowing robust debate".

Warren has been blasting Facebook on Facebook for a while now, including blasting the company for having "compromised the personal data of millions of Americans" when posting the live stream of the Senate hearing with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last April. To follow up on that, she was asked as to how Apple would keep the iPhone secure if the App Store is not run by Apple.

Anti-competitive mergers like Facebook buying Instagram and WhatsApp, or Google snapping up navigation company Waze would also be undone if Warren comes to power in 2020.

The Massachusetts Democrat's campaign placed the ads Friday on Facebook. They've bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else.

Politico noted the only some of Warren's ads had been taken down, not all of them.

Yesterday, Warren made headlines when she vowed to dismantle big tech companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook, for their monopoly on consumer information and also unwind previous acquisitions by these industry giants.

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Apple's services business is on pace to generate $50 billion per year by 2021, the company has said. A previous report by Bloomberg also predicted an Apple AR headset to ship by 2020.

Unless they too are cut down to size, breaking up United States tech companies would only provide temporary breathing space before their Chinese counterparts rush in and take over.

Sanjana Karanth/HuffPost Screenshot of the ad that Facebook temporarily took down.

The policy in question says that Facebook ads can not use the company's corporate logo in posts.

"But if you want proof of Elizabeth's point that Facebook has too much power, look no further than their ability to shut down a debate over... whether Facebook has too much power". Thanks for restoring my posts.

Following the group's formation, Stoller noted, Facebook instituted a ban on the use of the company name or logo in ads and group titles. The ads featured a video with a thumbnail displaying Facebook's logo. She used the flap to warn that it was unsafe for cyberspace to by "dominated by a single censor". Facebook's database of political ads show that the ads are now running on the social network.

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