Misery grows for Venezuelans hit by power cuts

Opposition leader Juan Guaido speaking at a rally in Caracas on Saturday. A massive blackout since Thursday has crippled Venezuela and fuelled a political stand-off between Mr Guaido and embattled President Nicolas Maduro who is clinging to power

Venezuela suffers nationwide blackout

Maduro has blamed "imperialism" for the country's accumulating woes, and claims the power outage was caused by an electromagnetic attack on the Guri hydroelectric complex, which supplies 80 percent of Venezuela's electricity. The overheating, say engineers, was likely caused by a forest fire.

Venezuela on March 7 experienced a power interruption across most of the national territory starting about 5 pm, although since then there have been intermittent restorations - and subsequent losses - of electricity here and there. This, in turn, engulfed the country in darkness. According to the state-run energy company Corpoelec, the power supply in Caracas is about 40% restored now.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido said he will ask lawmakers on Monday to declare a "state of alarm" over the country's devastating blackout in order to facilitate the delivery of worldwide aid.

The Nicolas Maduro government said at the time that the installation had been the target of a "cyberattack" launched by the United States, the country his regime habitually blames for all of Venezuela's serious problems.

People collect water released through a sewage drain that feeds into the Guaire River, which carries most of the city's wastewater, in Caracas, Venezuela March 11, 2019. "This macabre strategy to bring us to a confrontation will fail", he wrote on Twitter.

Last month, Maduro used the military to block an opposition bid to bring in more than 250 tons of supplies over land from Colombia and Brazil.

For them, trouble began as early as 2010 when populist policies under the then president Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian Revolution dragged the country into a socio-economic and political crisis. Some local media reported a humanitarian corridor was being opened for students and patients who are critically ill.

Mother forgets baby at airport, flight forced to turn back
Seemingly struggling to believe the request, staffers asked the pilot to explain the scenario one more time for good measure. The Independent said no further information was given on how the mother forgot her child in the boarding gate of the airport.

"While the promoters of hate, death and violence delight in their destabilization plans, President Nicolas Maduro has ordered a deployment of ministers to ensure the Venezuelan people are attended to", he said.

Ms Wasserman Shultz said in a statement on Sunday that President Maduro is starving his people.

Former mayor and exiled opposition activist Antonio Ledezma on Saturday called on Guaido to seek United Nations intervention in Venezuela by invoking a principle known as "responsibility to protect".

"You have to pay in dollars and it's so expensive for us", Mr. Gutierrez said.

"We have been reporting the electrical crisis for years, and now, we have to alert in a responsible manner that this could also become the gasoline crisis, in addition to the water crisis we already have".

Speaking on ABC's "This Week" program, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said Venezuelan military officers were having conversations with opposition legislators "about what might come, how they might move to support the opposition".

Oil revenues remain at about 98 percent of the country's export profits and are crucial for Venezuela to keep the economy afloat, after the USA slapped virtually every possible sanction against Nicolas Maduro and his government.

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