‘Game of Thrones’ listings confirm episode length

Game Of Thrones Season 8's First Two Episodes Aren't Extra Long

The First Two 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episodes Won't Be Movie-Length

The revealed runtimes differ somewhat from 2018 runtime hints, such as series' director David Nutter's description: "Season 8 episodes will all, I think, be longer than 60 minutes".

Enjoy the video above, and once more, season eight of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on April 14.

Many fans are already discussing these run times with a bit of negativity as it seemed like the episodes may be even longer based on previous comments and rumors. Apparently, an HBO executive claimed that the first two episodes ran for about an hour, while the final four hovered closer to the eighty-minute mark.

Game Of Thrones Season 8's First Two Episodes Aren't Extra Long

In the clip above, Game of Thrones prosthetics designer Barrie Gower reflects on bringing the show's fantasy vision to life and explains just how the work has turned into a mass industry with around 50 people working on prosthetics on set for up to 70 actors simultaneously.

A pair of HBO website listings for season eight of Game of Thrones plus a few more kept out of public view together detail the six-part season's runtime, episode by episode. I guess I am saying fans shouldn't start being negative about not enough time, until we see the show and judge the finale for ourselves. There was some suggestion that each episode would be extra long, possibly movie-length.

Now, the upcoming season premiere's runtime has been officially revealed, as reported by EW, the apparent plug for Game Of Thrones exclusives. Check back with Looper before the season 8 launch to learn what the final six episodes are titled.

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