Gmail users around the world unable to send emails

Frown Gmail Google Drive are down


Google Maps and YouTube were believed to be affected by the outage as well, however both are now working fine.

There are reports of Gmail being down across the globe along with Google Drive. We will provide an update by 3/13/19, 11:14 AM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem.

Although the service still appears to be up for many users, the outage is widespread.

As day proceeded into night, more and more people realized they were unable to send e-mails.

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While Google is yet to address issues with Gmail, reported on its outage map users along the US's west coast, Japan, India and Australia have all been having issues using the email since about 1.30pm AEST.

They came from United States, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada and 55 more countries.

Not being able to send an e-mail is causing major struggles for anyone who uses their account for work and pressing personal matters, and people are expressing their frustration on Twitter using #Gmaildown to connect with others on the issue. In a statement, Google too has acknowledged the issue.

Google has also confirmed similar issues with Google Drive, including "error messages, high latency and/or other unexpected behaviour".

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