Google Makes Hardware a Second-Class Citizen, Several Devices Now in Doubt

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We know Chromecast, Pixel and Home pretty well in Australia, but the company's own Chromebook hardware - also carrying the Pixel moniker as Pixelbook and Pixel Slate - has never officially come to Australia.

However, employees including engineers, program managers, support staff won't have to look for jobs outside the Google campus as the instruction was to find other projects within its parent company Alphabet.

The affected workers have been told to seek temporary roles within other Google or Alphabet teams.

This division was primarily focused on the Google Pixel Slate and the Pixelbook laptop. However, the team reportedly had a "bunch of stuff in the works", and the downsizing will likely "pare down the portfolio" of products. Google hasn't offered any official comment on the matter or indicated that there are any plans to end either the Pixelbook or Pixel Slate product lines. Since the market is insanely competitive and margins are low, it seems Google decided that perhaps it would be best to concentrate its efforts on its products that are doing well for now. Google has repeatedly stressed it is in the hardware business for the long run, even as the efforts have driven up expenses and weighed down the rich profit margins of Google's online ad business.

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Manufacturing plans haven't been adjusted, however, which means that the products that Google plans to release in the short term wouldn't be affected by Google's restructuring. This will have a massive impact on Google's hardware business as BI reports that projects on which the company was actively working on are now cancelled.

A report like this raises more questions than it answers, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for any follow-up coverage as it comes out.

Since the start of the Nexus smartphone program, Google's made hardware as a sort of guide for the rest of the industry.

Google is the disputed king when it comes to software and associated technologies, but the same can not be said for hardware.

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