Samsung Galaxy S10 face unlock fooled by 2D pictures

Models check out Galaxy S10 5G models in SK Telecom's ICT experience zone at the carrier's headquarters in Seoul

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Recognition Can Easily Be Bypassed

For actions requiring strong security, Samsung recommends using the new in-display Ultrasonic Fingerprint that unlocks only with your physical fingerprint. Specifically, the kernel source code lists down the codename as "davinci5G", which is likely a reference to the phone in question.

Some in the parts industry forecast 35 million to 38 million Galaxy S10 phones would be shipped out this year.

It is also worth noting that Samsung managed to sell around 180,000 Galaxy S10 units in Korea on the first day of pre-orders, which is a 120-percent increase compared to a year ago, and that is only saying how interested people are in Samsung's 10th anniversary smartphone lineup.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) - the South Korean electronics giant's first smartphone with quad rear cameras - is finally getting some software upgrade love and bidding adieu to Android Oreo.

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Additional information regarding the phone is scarce beyond this point. After delving into the code, XDA developers discovered the 5G version of the Note 10.

Meanwhile, analysts are predicting that Samsung will move between 40 and 45 million Galaxy S10 units this year. Most OEMs just push non-carrier updates on their own schedule, but Samsung runs the update through the big four United States carriers before delivering it to unlocked phones. You can probably see where we're going with this. This leads to the simple conclusion that Samsung might be preparing a 5G variant of the Note 10.

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Samsung also advises users to "keep in mind that Face recognition might not recognize you if there are major changes to your appearance, such as heavy makeup, facial hair changes, or glasses".

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