School cellphone ban used to distract criticism over autism funding: Critics

Ontario to ban cellphones in classrooms

Ontario Government To Ban All Cellphones From Classrooms Next Year

The ban however has support from a 2015 study by the London School of Economics that indicated students performed significantly better when phones are banned during instruction. While certain school boards already have policies in place that prohibit the use of cellphones on school property, the government of Ontario plans to issue new regulations over cellphone use directed to all public schools for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Alberta Education Minister David Eggan said the province will leave it up to teachers and school boards to make their own decisions.

In a statement, Minister Lisa Thompson was quoted saying "Ontario's students need to be able to focus on their learning - not their cellphones".

Thompson has said exceptions would be made when teachers want to use cellphones as part of their lesson, for medical reasons and for students with special needs.

The Conservatives had proposed the ban during last year's election campaign.

"I think that it's time for the government to take back the power and give it back to the teachers inside the classroom", says Kehoe.

"Schools and teachers have well-established limits and boundaries with regard to cellphone use in schools and the classroom, similar to other classroom expectations, which are designed to create positive learning environments", the association said.

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"Teachers see the value of technology as an enhancement to learning and they are using it pretty powerfully, but we also see teachers and principals making judgments where to pull back", he said.

The ban follows government conducted education consultations a year ago, in which 97 per cent of respondents stated they favoured restrictions on phones in class.

About 97 per cent of respondents favoured some sort of restriction on phones in class, the sources said.

Davidson says he trusts school and teachers to set rules for what role cell phones play in their classrooms.

"We use technology quite effectively in our classrooms as much as we possibly can".

In Ontario, enforcing the ban will be up to individual boards and schools. These improvements were mostly demonstrated among the students who were typically "low achieving".

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