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Chris Evans,Robert Downey Jr,Avengers Endgame

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr will be seen in Avengers Endgame together perhaps for the final time

Earlier this month, a LEGO leak emerged showing Hulk and his peers engaged in battle with Thanos and his minions on the Avengers Compound, and while the tie-in toys often aren't an accurate reflection of the film's events, the new trailer also hints that the headquarters might be under attack. The film, which marks the culmination of more than a decade and 21 other movies of build up, is due out on April 26, 2019.

The 2.5-minute trailer not only seem to have confirmed popular fan theories about the hotly anticipated Marvel film, but it also set the tone - a mixture of nostalgia and emotional drama.

We've got new white Avengers suits!

Steve also recalls his origins.

Avengers Endgame Trailer 2
The video features moments from the previous Iron Man movie, Captain America , Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Captain Marvel then gives him a little smile and Thor then says, "I like this one" and the trailer ends.

Of all the lines spoken in the trailer, none is more loaded than Peggy Carter's reprisal of her words spoken in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) reaches out for his mighty hammer (which is back for some reason?), and summons it to him. This sounds like a part of the same monologue in the first trailer.

The trailer does include each of our favorites saying that they would do "whatever it takes" to honor those lost to Thanos, and it brings back the fear that those snapped will still remain dead when all is said and done. There's still no indication as to how he got out of the Quantum Realm. Rocket Raccoon hanging out with War Machine! That's really what we were left with when all the dust settled from Infinity War (zing!), and that was perfectly deliberate. Probably not, because if you noticed, all of that footage was just what we've already seen, with very small additions.

As for Nebula, she also appears for a brief moment. And a Super Bowl ad can be viewed here.

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