USA grounds all Boeing 737 Max planes

Pilots didn’t trust the Boeing Max 8 and now flyers are rejecting them

Ethiopian Airlines black boxes to be sent overseas as investigation continues

Aviation analyst Michael Boyd discusses how the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration announced that it will not ground Boeing 737 Max planes. Any Max jets in the air were grounded after landing.

Since the crash Sunday, regulators across the world have begun grounding the aircraft as an investigation into the disaster's cause continues.

Bernstein Research analyst Daniel Roeska said the airline may lose around 400,000 Norwegian krone (€ 41,000, $46,000) per 737 MAX per day if it's forced to keep the planes grounded for a prolonged period of time. "Airlines are agreeing with this".

The safety notice will ground all Boeing Max 8s flown by Canadian airlines, including 24 jets belonging to Air Canada, 13 to WestJet Airlines Ltd. and four to Sunwing Airlines.

Now, in the meantime, the USA and Canada have agreed to block the troubled jets' flights out of safety concerns.

Lawmakers have also called for the planes to be grounded. The Canadian government issued a similar order earlier Wednesday.

Air Canada operate about 75 737 Max flights daily out of a total schedule of approximately 1,600 daily flights system-wide, according to the airline.

Until the flight recorders from the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft are read out, much of what is being discussed in relation to cause is conjecture.

Wednesday night, American had no information about how the action would affect its Thursday schedule.

On March 11, Boeing announced that the company "has been developing a flight control software enhancement for the 737 MAX, created to make an already safe aircraft even safer". He was slated to depart on American Airlines flight 1156 from MIA to New York's LaGuardia International Airport when he received a message that his flight had been canceled. When she landed at MIA, she learned she would miss the connecting flight Wednesday evening that would have delivered her to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, for her aunt's funeral.

Compensation for missed holidays could be a thorny issue, Sime said. Aviation experts say other technical issues or human error can not be discounted.

A spokesman for Ethiopian Airlines had said earlier that the black boxes recovered from the crashed plane would be sent to Germany for analysis.

Erwin Reyes, a Miami resident, waited in line near Henry. While SpiceJet has 12 aircraft, Jet has five planes of this type.

Boeing 737 MAX 8 graphic

Southwest is the world's largest operator of the 737 MAX 8 with 34 jets.

Travel insurance is unlikely to cover the situation, he said. "At first you're just upset, but something could really happen [if there is an issue with the Max 8]".

The 737 is the best-selling airliner in history, and the Max, the newest version of it with more fuel-efficient engines, is a central part of Boeing's strategy to compete with European rival Airbus. Senator Ted Cruz said he plans "to investigate these crashes, determine their contributing factors, and ensure that the United States aviation industry remains the safest in the world".

"I still would have gotten on", she said.

The grounding order rippled throughout the region.

The directive resulted in the cancellation of flights. If a flight is canceled, customers may request a full refund by visiting our website. The delay cut off other travel options.

The grounding was welcomed by air workers in the United States.

Fennell said that because of the airport's size it could be used to store aircraft during the investigation.

Garneau said evidence about multiple Boeing 737 Max 8 flights suggests a worrying correlation between the Ethiopian Airlines crash and another off Indonesia in October.

This comes a few days after one of Boeing's 737 Max 8 jets crashed shortly after takeoff in Ethiopia, killing all 157 passengers and crew on board.

A spokeswoman for YVR, Zoe Weber, said Wednesday morning that there were longer than normal lineups.

The president said that the US worked in conjunction with Canada to make the decision to ground the planes.

Earlier in the day, Canada banned the 737 Max jets from operating in its airspace, leaving the U.S. as the sole holdout.

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