Verizon's 5G network is coming to Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11

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5G Moto Mod for Moto Z3 Goes Up for Pre-Order Tomorrow

Verizon will launch its 5G mobile service in April, but it will only be available in two cities at first, and customers will have to pay an extra $10 a month to access it. If you are already a Verizon customer, just buy a Moto Z3 and then place your pre-order for the 5G Moto Mod.

Motorola's 5G add-on costs $350 (about £265, AU$495), as much as the the Moto Z3 itself at some online retailers. Verizon did say that they plan to "rapidly expand", though. Samsung will eventually launch Galaxy S10 5G as a timed Verizon exclusive, but that won't be arriving until sometime this summer.

The largest USA wireless carrier by subscribers will offer the "Moto mod" for $50 initially and its customers would not have to pay for 5G for the first three months. Verizon said in a blog post today that postpaid customers on any of the company's three Unlimited plans will need to pay an extra $10 a month for unlimited 5G.

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Verizon says its new 5G network will launch in "more than 30 markets" in 2019, but stopped short at announcing rollout dates for any other USA cities. Only one of the current 4G devices in the carrier's lineup can be upgraded to 5G, and that's what Verizon is essentially offering its subscribers. That means a single-line plan with 5G will cost $85 to $105 a month, plus taxes and fees. Moto has the first 5G upgradeable smartphone. If the merger is blocked, Verizon will have less competition dominating the 5G market in the U.S. AT&T is also upgrading its networks to 5G. That's not a bad deal if you're looking for quick access to 5G, as long as you're okay having to carry a huge Moto Z3 contraption in your pocket. Starting Thursday, March 14, the company is taking orders for a $50 snap-on module for the Motorola Z3 phone, making it the only phone that will be enabled for the advanced service by the April 11 launch date.

Early adopters who live in Chicago or Minneapolis will no doubt pounce at the opportunity to hop onto a 5G network that promises to bring significantly faster data speeds and more bandwidth for devices, but we recommend waiting for proper phones with built-in 5G modems to come out first.

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