Viral Tweet saves small doughnut shop

When Son Posts Photo of Sad Dad in His Empty New Donut Shop, the Tweet Attracts Hundreds of Customers

Son posts on Twitter to say nobody was coming to his dad's doughnut shop, internet reacts accordingly

On Saturday, Houston native Billy By shared a few photos on social media showing his father in the empty shop and a large sign hanging on the front of the store advertising the grand opening of Billy's Donuts.

Needless to say, his dad isn't sad anymore. The tweet went viral and over thousands of people rushed to the store to buy doughnuts and make the father happy. Twitter Helps Long-Lost Childhood Friends Meet, Sets Up Go Fund Me Page for Their Meet. He also put up the address of the place in the next tweet.

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"My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop", By tweeted with photos featuring his dad, the shop and an empty parking lot. Soon enough, the sales of the shop were hitting the roof and the owner was definitely left with a smile. New York Police Find Lost Engagement Ring, Twitter Helps Officers Track Down the Couple. In an age when it's easy to be overwhelmed by all of the bad news coming out of social media, it's nice to take a moment to enjoy when the story is decidedly sweeter. At the time of writing, the tweet had been liked over 500,000 times and shared over 200,000 times. Photos show people lining up and buying bags and boxes full of doughnuts and other candies. Maybe the clientele just needed some direction as to where their favorite donut shop moved to, but now that they know they'll be back. By the end of the day and throughout the rest of the weekend, Billy's Donuts was jampacked with people waiting in a long line for their chance to greet the owner and purchase some of his delicious pastries. This is what the good power of the internet looks like.

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