Google Introduces AI-based Lookout App for Visually Impaired

Google's Lookout app says what it sees for blind users in the US

Google Lookout App Seeks To Assist The Blind And Visually Impaired

With the Lookout app, those with impaired vision will no longer have to play a guessing game or ask someone to help read crucial and maybe sensitive documents. It also functions in the same way as Lens - receiving information and providing feedback based on what is captured on the device's rear camera. Now, months later, the app has been rolled out for Pixel phone users in the US.

The AI-powered app, which has been undergoing testing since it was originally announced in May 2018, is created to help blind and visually impaired people by identifying the objects around them.

To use Lookout, Google recommends that users wear their Pixel phone on a lanyard around their neck or in the front pocket of their shirt. The company states the app had been created to help people who are blind or partially blind or somewhat visually impaired, wherein pointing the phone's camera can make them understand about a new space for the first time or can allow them to read text and documents by giving spoken words feedback.

Since announcing the app a year ago, Google said it has been "testing and improving the quality" of the app's results.

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Clary noted that the Lookout app is still new and Google wants feedback from users to keep improving it.

A screenshot image of Lookout's modes, including "Explore", "Shopping", and "Quick read", as well as a second screenshot of Lookout detecting a dog in the camera frame. After the app is opened, all you have to do is ensure that it is facing forward, and Lookout will take care of the rest.

Lookout is created with similar technology previously used in Google Lens.

Google Lookout is now available for the Google Pixels smartphones, and only within the US. Also, if you like our efforts, consider sharing this story with your friends, this will encourage us to bring more exciting updates for you.

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