Huawei has a backup OS in case it loses access to Android

Huawei said on several occasions that it's not spying for Beijing

Huawei CEO denies he's under Beijing's thumb

Huawei has revealed a plan B in case the trade war between China and the West means it is no longer allowed to use the Android operaing system.

The US alleges during meetings with an unnamed banking institution in the US, Wanzhou misrepresented Huawei's ownership and control of Iranian affiliate Skycom. For PCs, though, Huawei uses Intel silicon, and if a ban were to take place, similar to how it did for ZTE, Huawei would need to look elsewhere for its laptop-grade processors.

'We have prepared our own operating system.

In brief: The battle between the U.S. government and Huawei is showing no signs of abating.

Wanzhou was arrested by Canadian authorities in December and is awaiting an extradition trial set for May 8. This admission follows earlier rumors that Huawei had been working on its own operating systems since at least early 2018.

Meng is wanted in the USA on fraud and conspiracy charges related to accusations of violating sanctions on Iran - allegations China has dismissed as a politically motivated attack.

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A Huawei spokesperson confirmed to the South China Morning Post that it has its own backup OS in case it is cut off from Google's Android operating system.

"We fully support our partners' operating systems - we love using them and our customers love using them".

Android and Windows are still the company's first choice.

Australia has made its sovereign decision, says Marise Payne. Huawei has sued the United States for banning government networks from using Huawei equipment, while facing charges of technology theft and sanctions violations from the US. Huawei already makes its own smartphone processors as well.

The lawsuit alleges that the global Huawei CFO was detained and interrogated by airport customs, and her electronic devices searched, before informing her that she was under arrest. Still, given the state of the US-Huawei relationship, this contingency plan could be significant.

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