Samsung Intends to Hide Cameras Under Phone Displays

Samsung new Phone will Have Hidden Camera Behind the Screen Without any Hole

Samsung Intends to Hide Cameras Under Phone Displays

However, as Samsung said, placing camera sensors beneath the display is a little tricky and the company will need more time to ideal its design and engineering process.

The report comes less than a month after Samsung debuted its latest line of flagship smartphones.

SamMobile recently got its hands on eight wallpapers based on the butterfly image seen in the folding phone's campaign, and you can download them now.

The first update released to the Galaxy S10 substantially improved the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint sensor, and if the same trend is maintained, the reader should become a much more reliable feature in the coming weeks. Now the trend has changed and people love to carry a full-screen phone with no notch, no camera holes etc. Joining the trend, Samsung new phone will have an invisible camera, hidden somewhere behind the screen. In order to make such a device, all the sensors are a camera on the front side have moved under the display.

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Using the lower screen sensitivity mode doesn't seem to have any effect-the phone still wakes up. While Samsung is attempting to manufacture a flawless display, other OEMs have been trying to eliminate ports and buttons for a more seamless design.

At its Unpacked event in February, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, making it one of the first major gadget makers to bring a folding phone to market.

Samsung is also reportedly looking at Crystal Sound OLED display technology, where the display in a smartphone can double up as a speaker. But in the long term, the company aims to create a phone with a "perfect full-screen" by embedding the cameras and sensors underneath the display, according to Korean news outlet Yonhap News Agency.

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