Steam Link Anywhere beta drops Steam Link's local-wifi-only restriction

Goodbye productivity

Goodbye productivity

You'll also need to be enrolled in the Steam client beta, and have the latest version installed. Prior to this, the app only allowed users to stream their game on an Android device connected to the same network as their host PC.

Valve has announced the pre-GDC launch of two potentially major new features for Steam: The "early beta" release of Steam Link Anywhere, which will enable streamed gaming to any compatible device, and Steam Networking Sockets APIs, granting developers access to the technology and infrastructure that underlies CS:GO and Dota 2.

As of right now, only Raspberry Pi, devices running Android, and the discontinued but still usable Steam Link hardware can support the Steam Link Anywhere beta. It should be added that iOS users are now out of luck, as Apple keep rejecting Valve's attempts to get the app on the App Store.

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Anyone who wants to use Steam Link Anywhere can access it by updating their Steam client to the beta build dated March 13 or newer, Valve said.

The feature is in beta for the moment and there are a few caveats to keep in mind, but this is a truly exciting update and helps illuminate just how powerful game streaming will be in the next few years. Go to the Steam Link computer settings and select "Other Computer".

Valve did not state the exact specifications required to stream at various resolutions, but added that it would continue to improve the Steam Link Anywhere experience. Obviously, you'll need a good connection on both devices to make it worthwhile. You can play games from your PC anywhere you have an internet connection.

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