YouTube music debuts in India

YouTube Music You Tube Premium expand to more countries

YouTube Premium, YouTube Music launched in India; pricing starts Rs 99

In India, the ad-supported version of YouTube Music will be free, YouTube Music Premium will cost users 99 rupees per month ($1.42), and YouTube Premium will cost 129 rupees per month ($1.85).

In addition to this, YouTube has unveiled the YouTube Premium for Rs 129 per month providing users with access to YouTube without adverts, YouTube Originals, as well as YouTube Music.

If you just want ad-free YouTube Music, it'll cost you ₹99 per month; YouTube Premium (which includes YouTube Music Premium) goes for ₹129 per month. Another highlight, of course, is the arrival of YouTube Premium, which offers an ad-free viewing experience - among other things like background and offline playback.

Just like Apple Music, you can also play music saved on your device in the YouTube Music app. It also allows users to play a YouTube music video in the background while they toggle between apps, write a text message or lock the phone while going for a run. Fortunately, the wait finally ends for India, South Africa, and a handful of Latin American countries as both YouTube Music and YouTube Premium make their way to those markets.

You can track downs songs using descriptions, lyrics or emojis with the Smart Search which is available in Zulu and Xhosa.

Steam Link Anywhere beta drops Steam Link's local-wifi-only restriction
It should be added that iOS users are now out of luck, as Apple keep rejecting Valve's attempts to get the app on the App Store. You'll also need to be enrolled in the Steam client beta, and have the latest version installed.

You get song recommendations based on previous activity, pre-made playlists like Driving Mood, New Released, Dining With An Artist, Stress Buster, Working Out, Best of 60's and more in the free version.

Google's free streaming platform gained momentum with music fans by adding a channel for T-Series, which calls itself the country's largest record label, and which has become the world's most-watched YouTube channel.

YouTube Premium, on the other hand, is a premium service for YouTube that brings a set of extra features to the normal application. With the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones, you will get the YouTube Premium for four months without any charges. Plus, your Offline Mixtape automatically downloads songs you love just in case you forgot to. YouTube Premium subscription is bundled with normal YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube Originals, while YouTube Music subscription is standalone music. And in case you have an existing subscription on it, you are migrated to YouTube Music Premium without any issues.

Youtube is also a well-known brand. Current features on the list such as Luka Chuppi, Petta - Marana Mass Official Video, Thassadiyya Full Video Song etc demonstrate the versatile collation of what's hot in music in India as per the popular taste.

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