Ireland seeks a 'Brexit dividend'

Trump says Europe is 'being ripped apart' by Brexit

Trump Jumps Again Into Brexit Debate

The United States and Ireland are bound together with ties of kinship and friendship, U.S. president Donald Trump has said.

"I'm surprised at how badly it's all gone from the standpoint of the negotiation, but I gave the prime minister my ideas on how to negotiate it, and I think you would have been successful", he told reporters while sat alongside Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the White House.

"I lived in a country where if I'd tried to be myself at the time, it would have ended up breaking laws", he said, The Advocate reports.

Prior to the breakfast, Varadkar said differences between their administrations' views on gay rights are clear, but that the two countries have a good working relationship, according to the Independent.

"It wasn't that I was a supporter (Leave), I predicted that it was going to happen", he said.

Trump spoke hours before British lawmakers voted to delay Brexit for at least three months.

The Irish PM said the most pressing issue facing his country was how to settle questions about the future of the border between Ireland, an European Union member, and Northern Ireland, which won't be. Mr Murphy said, 'Brexit, and the uncertainty surrounding it, poses unique and hard challenges for Ireland and Irish business.

He said: "We're talking to them about trade".

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"As we celebrate our common heritage we also look to the future and work to continue peace in Northern Ireland". "But I think it could have been negotiated in a different manner, frankly".

The president said he had advised British Prime Minister Theresa May how to negotiate her country's divorce from the European Union, but "she didn't listen to that".

Mr Trump added: "I know many Irish people and they are inspiring, they're sharp, they're smart, they're great and they are brutal enemies so you have to keep them as your friend".

The visit and the news conference were the day after the June 23 Brexit vote, not the day before.

MPs have rejected May's withdrawal agreement by huge margins twice and will next vote on delaying Brexit on Thursday night.

Varadkar said Ireland isn't the only place where this is possible, but "every country where freedom and liberty are cherished". "One way or the other it's going to work out".

Speaking about the contributions of Irish-Americans, Pelosi quoted Republican President Ronald Reagan as saying USA leadership would be lost "if we ever close the door to new Americans".

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