Game of Thrones' Iain Glen Set to Play Bruce Wayne in Titans

Titans Ian Glen DC Bruce Wayne

Game of Thrones' Iain Glen to Play Bruce Wayne in Titans Season 2

DC Universe's Titans series is getting a new Bruce Wayne, courtesy of Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen. I say that because even though Batman appeared in season 1's finale, I never thought we'd actually see Bruce Wayne on the series - and I'm not counting his silhouette. In season two, producers have confirmed with Deadline that the two characters will play a much larger role in Titans itself. What's interesting is, he's going to be making an appearance in Season 2, and DC has found their older Bruce Wayne. He's previously played Jorah Mormont and characters in both the Resident Evil and Tomb Raider film franchises.

But Glen isn't playing just anyone when he joins in the vigilante fun on Titans second season. Incorporating Batman will be rather hard especially in 30-minute episodes but Titans and DC Universe seem confident in their abilities and want to bring to the life the Bat-world. As with any new group there are growing pains, and having Bruce Wayne's guidance would be incredibly helpful to ensure their success and to give the group a chance to live up to their full potential.

Season two of Titans is due later this year. Brenton Thwaites portrays Dick Grayson aka Robin, and the show's first season teased the Batman/Robin relationship with Thwaites spouting the infamous line, "Fuck Batman".

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If you haven't watched Titans yet, here are a few reasons it's worth checking out.

Titans won't return for a new series until next fall. After parting ways with Batman, Dick Grayson creates a team of heroes including Star Fire, an alien princess, a powerful empath named Raven, and a shape-shifter called Beast Boy.

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