Microsoft's Surface Buds Will Be Another Apple AirPods Killer

Microsoft Surface Buds could see Cortana challenge AirPods

Microsoft is working on Surface earbuds to compete with Apple's AirPods

The tech giant is reportedly developing "Surface Buds" in an effort to take on Apple's wildly successful AirPods, Thurrott reported, citing sources close to the situation.

It wouldn't be Microsoft's first foray into high-end headphones, either. To recall, Microsoft in October a year ago unveiled its over-ear Surface Headphones with 40mm drivers.

Although the Surface headphones, came to the market with clever controls and good connectivity, they failed to make an impact with sound quality or price.

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While the new product could very well launch as Surface Buds, a final name hasn't yet been chosen, and Microsoft could change it at any moment should it have a different idea.

It's not year clear how Microsoft intends to differentiate its earbuds from others that are now available from competitors. Of course the difference here would be that Microsoft's option would be powered by Cortana, its own AI and competition to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. Keep in mind Microsoft already sells the $349.99 Surface Headphones, a pair of over-ear headphones with Cortana and premium features like noise cancellation. The latest report also suggests that Microsoft is looking to expand its audio products range in two major categories of headphones - in-ear and over-ear. He says "a way to improve interactions between a phone and the earbuds to make reading content easier on the phone" could be on tap as well.

They'll come with a wireless charging case akin to the one just released with Apple's second-generation AirPods. There is a possibility that the buds may be released later this year, but no specified time frame has been mentioned.

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