Montana's special election: Know the facts

Gianforte showed lukewarm support for Trump during his unsuccessful run for governor in Montana last fall but did an about-face and turned into an ebullient Trump supporter after he started campaigning for the congressional seat vacated by Republican Ryan Zinke , when he was tapped by Trump to serve as Interior Department secretary. [Full Article...]

OPEC likely to extend output cuts, but price relief elusive

OPEC likely to extend output cuts, but price relief elusive That added to the backing for another nine months of cuts from the most influential participants in the deal, including Russia , Saudi Arabia and Iraq . the yen. "If you're an OPEC member and all you have to sell is oil, you'll sell oil". The top oil producer in the Opec, Saudi Arabia , favours extending the output curbs by nine months rather than the initially planned six months, to speed ... [Full Article...]

Budget chief say debt ceiling may need to be raised soon

Budget chief say debt ceiling may need to be raised soon Mnuchin urged lawmakers to act "sooner rather than later" to increase the nation's borrowing limit before the Treasury Department runs out of emergency measures to avoid heading into default. Mnuchin did not offer any additional guidance. The debt limit is the maximum amount of debt that the Treasury can issue to the public and to the other federal agencies. [Full Article...]

Boeing Co signs defense, commercial deals with Saudi Arabia

Dating to 2013, those seven deals include four combat ships, CH-47 Chinook helicopters, and Abrams tanks , according to a Defense Security Cooperation Agency fact sheet . Now they want more, mandating so type of manufacturing locally as well as technology transfer. The venture would support 450 jobs at Lockheed's Sikorsky subsidiary in CT and 450 jobs in the kingdom, transferring some technology... [Full Article...]

Moody's downgrades China's credit rating

While noting that the Chinese authorities' commitment to reform is clear, Moody's does not think that the reform effort will have sufficient impact to contain the erosion of credit strength associated with the combination of rising economy-wide leverage and slower growth, or arrest the rise in economy-wide leverage. [Full Article...]

Mulvaney defends Trump budget's social safety net cuts

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin dismissed such criticism as typical rhetoric and praised the budget because it balances over 10 years. The Children's Health Insurance Program's (CHIP) long-term future will be tied to health reform as a whole, but funding will be extended through 2019. [Full Article...]

Rocket Lab: New Zealand space launch is first from a private site

Rocket Lab: New Zealand space launch is first from a private site Beck, a New Zealander, said the early stages of the mission went well. "The Government is supportive of any industry that grows our economy through high-tech, innovative highly skilled activities". Rocket Lab's customers include NASA, earth-imaging firm Planet and start-ups Spire and Moon Express. Over the coming weeks, the team will analyse the data collected during the flight to refine and o... [Full Article...]

Get ready to unpack for airport security — Attention Travelers

Get ready to unpack for airport security — Attention Travelers Electronics larger than a cell phone must be now placed in a separate bin to get through the TSA security checkpoint, that also includes other items like books and even food. To streamline the process further, the agency has also joined forces with airlines to install automated screening lanes in some of America's most heavily-used portals. [Full Article...]

Looking for iTunes or Linux? Just head to Microsoft's Windows Store

Microsoft's next big update is on its way and it will arrive in the Fall. Any Android or iOS device can include apps that talk to the Microsoft Graph , which then informs your PC about an activity to which you may want to return. This way, we had Threshold as the name for the first version of Windows 10, Threshold 2 for November Update, Redstone Anniversary Update, Redstone 2 or Creators Upd... [Full Article...]

Chinese go champion begins 2nd game against computer

Chinese go champion begins 2nd game against computer Players have said AlphaGo enjoys some advantages because it doesn't get exhausted or emotionally rattled, two critical aspects of the mentally intense game. The system previous used multiple previous-generation TPUs when it beat Korean champion Lee Se-dol by four games to one in a game past year after beating the European Go champion by five games to nil to become the first computer to defeat a ... [Full Article...]

Bangladesh hold nerve to beat New Zealand

Bangladesh hold nerve to beat New Zealand The first away victory against the Black Caps has put Bangladesh at par with Sri Lanka on 93 points, but when the ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point, Bangladesh are ranked above Sri Lanka as they have 93.3 points as compared to Sri Lanka's 92.8. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump's Middle East Comment in Israel

The moment was an abrupt interruption of an otherwise warm and smooth welcome for Trump to the Holy Land. And while Netanyahu in the past has expressed support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, he has been vague about this goal since Trump gained power. [Full Article...]

Kuwait backs call to extend oil output cuts

Oil futures were up in North American trading on Tuesday, with prices headed closer to daily highs reached in the prior session, as investors looked ahead to weekly data from the USA on stockpiles of crude and refined products. Today Libyan oil output creeps higher ahead of OPEC decision on cuts. The American Petroleum Institute was scheduled to release data for last week at 4:30 p.m. [Full Article...]

New Jersey's Newark Airport reopens after plane engine fire

New Jersey's Newark Airport reopens after plane engine fire At some point he finally relented, but not before berating staff and some female passengers, according to Clark Gredoña , who praised the crew for their professionalism. According to the passenger's Facebook post , he then insulted one woman with the grievous slur "Hillary" and branded her a " lesbian ". More footage obtained by NBC shows shows fellow passengers jeering him on at the gate ... [Full Article...]

China, Russia launch long-haul challenge to Boeing, Airbus

China, Russia launch long-haul challenge to Boeing, Airbus Comac, which is increasingly looking to break the hold Boeing and Airbus have over the global commercial jet market, successfully completed the maiden flight of its home-grown C919 narrow-body passenger jet earlier this month. UAC's Sukhoi produces the Superjet 100, a 95-seat aircraft. The first MRJ90 is now targeted to be delivered to its launch customer All Nippon Airways in mid-2020, from a f... [Full Article...]

Tesla brings back unlimited free Supercharging

Tesla brings back unlimited free Supercharging Thus, people who have ordered their vehicles after January 15 will also be able to get free supercharging. But the company has had a change of heart and is bringing back free, unlimited use of its Supercharging, but there's a catch. It's been more than a year since the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled , and yet, details about Elon Musk's latest product offering are still pretty limited . [Full Article...]

US, Gulf Cooperation Council ink MoU to combat terrorism financing

But he said Middle Eastern countries must "honestly confront the crisis of Islamist extremism and the Islamist terror groups it inspires". President Trump called on Muslims around the globe to unite in the war against terrorism. "This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects or different civilizations", Trump said. Trump's speech was touted as a major event - along the lin... [Full Article...]

Trump 'never mentioned' Israel in Russian Federation talks

Trump 'never mentioned' Israel in Russian Federation talks In Saudi Arabia, the president called on the Muslim world to combat radicalization. But who will be there to greet him? What exactly did Trump say about Iran? Trump sparked concern when he backed away from the long USA commitment to a two-state solution to the conflict, saying he could support one state if it meant peace. [Full Article...]

United States Steel Corporation (X) Traders Should Start Listening to Analysts

Its book value per share for the most recent quarter is $12.47 while its price to book ratio for the same period is 1.56, as for as the company's cash per share for the most recent quarter is $7.61, however its price to cash per share ratio for the same period is 2.56. [Full Article...]

Budget seeks end to subsidized student loans, forgiveness

In all, the budget seeks to trim $11 billion from education spending, experts say. It does show, however, where the White House's priorities lie. "Ultimately, what's being proposed here is to take tens of billions of dollars from the student loan program". [Full Article...]

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