Eastern Kentucky prepares as remnants from Tropical Storm Cindy roll in

Eastern Kentucky prepares as remnants from Tropical Storm Cindy roll in There will be a good chance for showers and storms on Sunday afternoon. For the most part, the heavier rain will hold off until late Friday evening and continue on and off for the rest of the night. A few showers may develop across interior New England. Friday will start off very warm due to mostly cloudy skies so look for temperatures to generally be in the low-mid 70s. [Full Article...]

Student takes jab at school dress code with yearbook quote

Student takes jab at school dress code with yearbook quote The school says it prohibits tops that expose stomachs, shorts and skirts that are deemed a distraction and anything with rips, tears or holes that make the garment revealing or suggestive. 'Over the past four years, myself and many of my friends have received dress code violations for clothes that were nowhere near inappropriate, ' she said. [Full Article...]

Despite travel ban, the Fresno State-Alabama game will be played

Dustin Burrows , R-Lubbock. "The state of California is not going to participate in discriminatory conduct by other states", Becerra said. The University of California , Berkeley played at the University of Texas at Austin a year earlier. [Full Article...]

Air Force Thunderbirds, jet trainer set for Ohio air show

Air Force Thunderbirds, jet trainer set for Ohio air show Staff Sgt. Tabatha McCarthy with the Air Force Thunderbirds public relations office says There was a "mishap" while a plane was on the ground. Foggy conditions and a thunderstorm may have contributed to the mishap during a familiarization flight for the 2017 Vectren Dayton Air Show, NBC News reported . [Full Article...]

Family demands retrial of cop in man's slaying

Family demands retrial of cop in man's slaying Former University of Cincinnati campUS police officer Ray Tensing was accused of killing Sam DuBose in a case tinged with the same overtones of racial discrimination and heavy- handed tactics as other recent high-profile U.S. John Yang discusses issues of race and deadly force with David Klinger of the University of Missouri-St. "Policing is structured in a way that favours the officer ove... [Full Article...]

Field Day demonstrates Science, Skill and Service

Several local ham radio clubs will be talking with other ham radio operators around the country and around the world this weekend. Amateur radio operators provide backup communications for everything from the American Red Cross to FEMA and even for the International Space Station. [Full Article...]

Trump Signs Legislation Giving VA More Power to Fire Failed Employees

The VA manages benefits and health care for USA military veterans. President Trump is holding an event at the White House today as he prepares to sign the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act. The bill also saw significant approval in the Senate . Instilling a culture of accountability at VA is the first step to bringing wholesale reform to the department, and I'm ... [Full Article...]

Senate panel seeks details on Lynch role in Clinton probe

Senate panel seeks details on Lynch role in Clinton probe Comey testified that Lynch had directed him to refer to the Clinton email case as "a matter" as opposed to an "investigation". Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are seeking information about alleged political interference by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch into the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. [Full Article...]

I would speak under oath on Comey

Trump issued his warning online on May 12, three days after Comey was sacked and four days before the newspaper reported on the information in the memo, which was recounted by Comey associates. "His goal is to manipulate media, manipulate the press". Comey, who was sacked by Trump last month, said he did so in hopes that the memos, which documented what the former director felt was inappropriate... [Full Article...]

Investigators Release Dashcam Video From Shooting of Philando Castile

You can hear her recapping her version of the events, presumably for an audience online. Philando Castile was shot after he told the police he was carrying a gun and had a permit. But a mostly white jury found him not guilty of the charges. The squad-car video was shown at trial, but had not before been released publicly. Sampsell-Jones says it is "understandable why the jury couldn'... [Full Article...]

Judges in Chicago affirm 'Making a Murderer' confession was coerced

The State of Wisconsin must re-try Dassey within 90 days or release him. Dassey and his uncle Steven Avery were given life sentences for the 2005 murder and sexual assault of Teresa Halbach . "We are overjoyed for Brendan and his family, and we look forward to working to secure his release from prison as soon as possible". April 16, 2007: Dassey, now 17, goes on trial before a jury selected... [Full Article...]

Supreme Court Has a Chance to Limit Partisan Gerrymandering

Supreme Court Has a Chance to Limit Partisan Gerrymandering The challengers in the case , Gill v. Whitford , No. 16-1161, say they have found a way to separate partisanship from the many other factors that influence how districts are drawn. Gerrymandering is often utilized by Republicans, whose voters tend to be in more spread out rural areas than Democrats who tend to collect in cities. [Full Article...]

'Pizzagate' gunman in DC sentenced to 4 years in prison

'Pizzagate' gunman in DC sentenced to 4 years in prison No one was injured in the incident and Welch surrendered to police peacefully. In court papers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that Welch was motivated by " Pizzagate ", a false election-season conspiracy story which claimed Hillary Clinton and her campaign advisor John Podesta were running a pedophile ring out of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Northwest Washington. [Full Article...]

Nabra Hassanen's Washington DC Memorial Set On Fire

Nabra Hassanen's Washington DC Memorial Set On Fire Wednesday for Hassanen at her northern Virginia mosque , the All Dulles Area Muslim Society . An autopsy report should reveal whether 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen was sexually assaulted before she was murdered on Sunday. Amid a huge crowd of mourners, many of them fasting for Ramadan now, Neshanti said Nabra taught her the value of the hard, month-long practice. "If nobody gave you a compl... [Full Article...]

US officials lift Yellowstone-region grizzly bear protection

US officials lift Yellowstone-region grizzly bear protection Yellowstone grizzly bears have been on the U.S. Endangered Species list for more than 40 years, after its population initially declined to fewer than 150. The Endangered Species Act , they continued, "is not created to make our National Parks into proverbial zoos, where only small, isolated subpopulations of species exist". [Full Article...]

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Partisan Redistricting

The new case out of Wisconsin will test that. "There is no question", said the 2-1 ruling, that the map drawn by Wisconsin's legislature "was created to make it more hard for Democrats , compared to Republicans , to translate their votes into seats". [Full Article...]

Insurance study ties legal pot to boost in car crash claims

Senior Vice President of HLI, Matt Moore believes marijuana is a contributing factor in crashes in Colorado, Oregon and Washington over the past 3 years. "In Colorado about a 14% increase, in Washington a 6% increase and about a 4% increase in unanticipated crashes in the state of OR", he said. "The combined effect for the three states was smaller but still significant at 3 percent", Moore sai... [Full Article...]

Americans and guns: It's complicated

Americans and guns: It's complicated Though most Americans have been exposed to guns in their personal lives, a new survey shows there are deep divides separating gun owners and non-gun owners on matters of policy. That willingness to purchase a firearm is despite the fact that 44 percent of adults said they personally know someone who was shot and about one-quarter say they or a family member have been threatened or intimidated ... [Full Article...]

Scary California freeway collision caught on camera

Scary California freeway collision caught on camera In the video, a motorcyclist appears to kick a auto, and then the vehicle swerves. California Highway Patrol told NBC Los Angeles that the man in the truck went to the hospital, but is expected to be fine. That's when the little sedan rammed into a white Cadillac Escalade EXT, tossing the pickup onto its roof, and injuring its passenger. The motorcyclist was caught on camera as he kicked... [Full Article...]

Senate GOP health bill would reshape Obama law

The measure encountered immediate trouble as four GOP senators said they opposed it but were open to negotiations. Policy experts said that would keep more young, healthy people out of the market and likely create a sicker patient pool.The legislation would also repeal the penalty associated with the employer mandate that they provide employees health insurance . [Full Article...]

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