Forza Motorsport 7 announced, coming October 3

Enjoy gorgeous graphics at 60fps and true 4K resolution in HDR. But now that the deal has ended, Porsche cars are making their way into many other video game franchises. The game also intends to support " shocking levels of detail, super high-res textures and assets", as well as "spectacular vistas" and "massive scale". [Full Article...]

IOS 11 will make older iPhones, iPads, and apps obsolete

Up until now, Apple had deliberately opted to ignore offering playback support for FLAC files in both iTunes and iOS - though there are numerous third-party apps to do the trick. The company also updated its desktop operating system, called High Sierra, which it says sees its Safari search engine perform 80% faster than Chrome. [Full Article...]

Cleveland stays alive by drubbing Warriors, now trail 3-1

The loss ended the Warriors' bid for a ideal 16-0 run through the playoffs, which had never been done. Game 5 is on Monday, back to the home of the Warriors. UPDATE: The @ cavs set a new #NBAFinals record with 24 3s in one game. Kevin Durant led the way for the Warriors with 35 points. "I like you, but you gotta do better", Durant said to him. [Full Article...]

Apple introduces smart compact music speaker

Apple introduces smart compact music speaker As if you didn't rely on Apple devices in your day-to-day life already, the Cupertino company just announced HomePod , its entry into the smart speaker arena. Virtual reality has been described as the next big thing for decades. Cook also announced the most powerful Mac to date, the iMac Pro. Facebook and Google accounted for a joint 77% of gross digital ad spend in 2016, with Facebook resp... [Full Article...]

Rallies against Islamic law draw counter-protests across US

ACT for America billed the rallies as marches for human rights and freedom, and aimed at protecting Muslim women and children from the impacts of Sharia law . Cordoned off from one another for security and surrounded by at least 20 Kansas City police officers, some on horseback, two groups of close to 100 protestors each went head-to-head Saturday afternoon, hurling insult over the issue of Mus... [Full Article...]

Here's The Latest Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Here's The Latest Kingdom Hearts III Trailer When do you think we will finally see Kingdom Hearts II? I don't know when we'll be able to play it, but this new trailer from Square-Enix isn't making the wait any easier. The same video also states that another new trailer will be at this year's D23 Expo 2017 , which will take place on July 15, 2017 in Anaheim. At any rate, the original Kingdom Hearts celebrates the 15th anniversary of ... [Full Article...]

Apple to introduce iPhone app to prevent distracted driving

Apple will also remind you more of Apple Pay with iOS 11 . This is all about the new iMac Pro which is introduced by Apple in the WWDC 2017 . Additional controls like playlist control and volume control has also been enabled in the improved Control Center . There is no any major update on the desktop line up from Apple since 2013. [Full Article...]

IOS 11 vs iOS 10: What's New in iOS 11

See what's new in iOS 11 with our deep dive into the new iOS 11 features that matter the most and how the iOS 11 vs iOS 10 comparison shapes up now that Apple showed off a new look and new options for your iPhone and iPad. iMessages continue to be one of the biggest iPhone and iPad features that Apple offers. Passengers who are just riding, and not driving, will have the ability to disable t... [Full Article...]

Mexico beats Honduras 3-0 in World Cup qualifier

The sports daily Record plastered a photo of Pulisic - El "Nuevo Donovan" - over its front page with the headline: "Vamos a ganarlas" ("We're going to win."). The best way to enjoy rivalry games is with few expectations and to enjoy the ride, and that is what US fans can do on Sunday knowing math and history are their friends. [Full Article...]

MacBook 2017 vs. iPad Pro 2017 - Impressive Core Performance

After a long time, Apple has finally updated its PC, the all new 5K iMac Pro for 2017. This is the slimmest computer Apple sells , aimed at users on the go. The 18-core Xeon processor and the price tag will mean that the traditional graphics users will be the main ones excited by this announcement. For many, the real question with this new keyboard configuration will doubtless be ... [Full Article...]

Twitter's Apple HomePod verdict: 'It looks like a roll of toilet paper'

But it comes up short in one huge way: apps. Since HomePod will not hit the market until December, it is unlikely to catch much of the year-end holiday shopping wave and post big sales this year, according to Blau. The $349 Apple HomePod , available in black or white , will begin sales starting from December, initially in Australia, the United Kingdom and the US, Apple said in a press re... [Full Article...]

Three men arrested in connection with London attack

Three men arrested in connection with London attack In a statement Tuesday, they said that they arrested a 27-year-old man this morning. Reaction to the attack has dominated the final days of campaigning before Thursday's general election , with opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and others criticizing May for cutting police numbers by roughly 20,000 during her tenure as home secretary. [Full Article...]

IOS 11 removes support for 32-bit apps, renders legacy iDevices obsolete

IOS 11 removes support for 32-bit apps, renders legacy iDevices obsolete Additional safety features are also being added for use when users are driving. The feature works as seamlessly as connecting a pair of AirPods to a device. The ability to drag and drop files, for example, is also coming to the iPhone. While it is a feature most users will need only a few times, it is still very handy given that one will not need to check the router for the password each time ... [Full Article...]

Apple unveils HomePod speaker, taking on Amazon and Google

Apple also laid some groundwork for augmented reality, the projection of digital features onto real-world surroundings, by giving app developers tools for incorporating AR into their products. During this week's conference, Apple also discussed significant software upgrades for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV , and Apple Watch and debuted new iPad and Mac computer models. [Full Article...]

List of Features you can Expect in Upcoming iOS 11

List of Features you can Expect in Upcoming iOS 11 When an Apple device running iOS 11 tries to connect to your Wi-Fi network for the first time, your Apple device - as long as it is also running iOS 11 - will display a prompt saying "Share Your Wi-Fi". Other updates specifically for iPad include drag-and-drop support and an updated Notes app that makes handwritten notes searchable. The OS includes a number of other storage-saving features, in... [Full Article...]

Indian official says key rebel leader dies in Myanmar

Indian official says key rebel leader dies in Myanmar He was opposed to the Shillong Accord signed with the Government of India in 1975. Khaplang had started his liberation struggle first by setting up the Naga Defence Force (NDF), one of the early Naga revolutionary group, in 1964 and became the leader of the Eastern Naga Revolutionary Council (ENRC) four years later. [Full Article...]

Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo: The similarities and differences, explained

The HomePod is going to be a lot more spendy, and it won't be available for quite some time . For the acoustics, Apple HomePod has 7-beam forming tweeters, each with its own amplifier. HomePod , Apple Music and Siri deliver the best music experience in the home that streams ad-free directly to HomePod . Once the devices hear a wake word or phrase, they start recording and send your voi... [Full Article...]

Apple Music enters home speaker market with HomePod

And the price tag is very, very Apple . But does HomePod stand a chance against the rivals? I'm sure many customers will buy multiple speakers for their home. The company claims that it's a powerful device which can adapt to the surrounding where it's playing. When away from home, the HomePod is a home hub, providing remote access and home automations through the Home app on iPhone or iPad. [Full Article...]

Apple Unveils HomePod to take on Amazon's Echo

As far as design goes, the Google Home speaker and the Apple HomePod are two peas in a pod (pun intended). Plus, it can analyze the acoustics of your home and adjust the sound based on the location of the speaker, and angle the sound in the optimal direction, giving a new definition to a "smart" speaker . [Full Article...]

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Scheduled To Receive Official OTA Update This August

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Scheduled To Receive Official OTA Update This August The new model will apparently feature a 5.6-inch display with a 2560 x 1312 resolution. Other specs mentioned in the listing including an octo-core 2.4GHz Snapdragon 835 processor, now Qualcomm's top-of-the-line mobile platform, though the chipmaker could produce a faster variation by the Pixel 2's expected fall release. [Full Article...]

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