Apple's new iPhones 'Do Not Disturb' drivers with notifications

At the company's annual WWDC Conference on Monday , Apple revealed several other upcoming features that could help travelers on and off the road. This new integration won't replace the dedicated OneDrive iOS app, which already supports many iOS capabilities such as the Share extension, OneDrive for iMessage as well as Apple Pencil and split-screen support on iPads. [Full Article...]

MacOS High Sierra announced

MacOS High Sierra announced Like the sound of High Sierra? " Apple's debut of VR support for Mac and AR support for iOS are true game-changers", said Epic Games' Tim Sweeny in a blog post . Stick to this article for more information on where to attain this update if you've not already done so. The newly updated MacBook laptops are now available . [Full Article...]

New iPhone feature to block texts while driving

New iPhone feature to block texts while driving Cook did not mention when the Amazon Prime Video service will be coming to Apple TV, only revealing that it will be available sometime later this year. Passengers who are just riding, and not driving, will have the ability to disable the feature. The assistant will be more predictive about its next steps. [Full Article...]

Study Shows Gamers Don't Really Use Backwards Compatibility Much

A report from Ars Technica shows that players very rarely use the Xbox One's backward compatibility feature. The resulting report contains a number of fascinating findings. Sony has also previously stated that part of the reason why they are so hesitant to offer backward compatibility is that it's actually incredibly hard to design or redesign a console to allow for that feature. [Full Article...]

OnePlus 5 launching on 20 June

The launch will be supported by "pop-up events" in London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Paris. Ahead of the launch, thanks to a series of leaks and a regular buzz around the product for over a year now, we have a fair idea of what the smart phone maker is here to offer us this time around. [Full Article...]

The watchOS 4 Developer Beta is out; here's how to get it

Apple has unveiled watchOS 4 , the updated version of its wearable operating system, bringing in a bevvy of watch faces and a Siri smart watch face. This is a feature many heart rate monitoring chest straps have, but not many modern smartwatches or fitness trackers. Certain sports and activities are also getting love - pool swimming tracking, for example, is greatly improved and will let you... [Full Article...]

Kerala HC refuses to stay ban on cattle trade

Kerala HC refuses to stay ban on cattle trade Find us on Facebook too! Justice PB Suresh Kumar was hearing a batch of petitions - one by Kerala MLA Hibi Eden and another by a cattle trader - when he refused to heed the arguments they were making in order to put a stay on the ban. [Full Article...]

Apple Unveils iOS 11 At WWDC 2017

The last announcement from Apple's event yesterday, but it deserves the first place in this list though. Siri will also of course be baked into the speaker, letting users get quick help by saying, "Hey Siri". The all-new iPad Pro is powered by a six-core CPU and 12-core GPU. On the front is a 7-megapixel Facetime HD camera with Retina Flash and f/2.2 aperture. [Full Article...]

Apple unveils $349 HomePod to compete with Amazon Echo, Google Home

This is sound with smarts: HomePod can sense the size and shape of the room it's in and tune the music to be just right. However, in a reference to current tensions over privacy and terrorism, Apple says that the HomePod won't record anything until the term "Hey Siri" is uttered. [Full Article...]

Apple debuts HomePod speaker to bring Siri into the living room

The HomePod will be priced at $349, more expensive than Amazon's $180 Echo or $50 Dot and Google's $129 Home . HomePod includes Siri voice integration and will function as a " home assistant ", according to Schiller. To be " smart ", the latest product in Apple's portfolio, known as HomePod , comes with a A8 microprocessor chip, the same power engine in the technology company'... [Full Article...]

Germany backs troop withdrawal from Turkey, escalating tensions

Germany backs troop withdrawal from Turkey, escalating tensions Turkey was infuriated when Germany , citing security concerns, banned some Turkish politicians from campaigning on its soil, where many Turks live. German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen told reporters in Barlin today after cabinet meeting that troops stationed in the southern Turkish base would be moved to a military facility in Jordan over the coming months. [Full Article...]

Apple launched refreshed series of iMac and MacBook at WWDC

Apple launched refreshed series of iMac and MacBook at WWDC For iPad users, iOS 11 will introduce improved multitasking. iOS11 has a redesigned App Store . Apple also unveiled a bunch of refinements in its other platforms - tvOS, watchOS and macOS - with watchOS 4 and updates to its Mac line of desktops and notebooks. [Full Article...]

Apple unveils an Amazon Echo competitor

HomePod, Apple Music and Siri deliver the best music experience in the home that streams ad-free directly to HomePod. For travelers, Siri's standout new feature will be language translation services, which would tap into a more expressive, human-sounding voice. [Full Article...]

'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature coming to iPhone iOS 11

Privacy: Apple says its Safari browser on the Mac will try to guard your privacy by identifying and blocking data files that track you as you move from website to website. Both iPad Pro models are compatible with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard accessory but if you want to check out more details separating the two slates, the table has been given below. [Full Article...]

Siri, speakers and software: Highlights from the Apple show

Of course, like all of Apple's development kit utilities, the tech giant's new ARKit will only be a success if the company manages to convince app developers to get on board with it. Apple's new MacBooks Pro have more powerful discrete graphics chips - the AMD Radeon Pro 555 and 560 in the 15-inch model. "It's all about keeping your eyes on the road", Federighi said. [Full Article...]

Apple unveils watchOS 4, launching this fall

Apple unveils watchOS 4, launching this fall For people with a gym membership, Apple has opened up NFC with Gym Connect to enable Apple Watch to communicate with gym equipment so you can better sync workouts. Health will also be a priority; particularly following recent sightings of Tim Cook sporting a prototype Apple Watch with a blood sugar tracker, and similar reports suggesting the company was looking to sell a glucose sensor to he... [Full Article...]

Apple aims to 'reinvent home music' with HomePod smart speaker

The $349 price tag is a bit more expensive than comparably-sized internet-connected speakers, almost double the price of the Amazon Echo , and more than double the Google Home . Tapping Apple's Siri digital assistant, such a speaker is expected to serve as a butler as well as an outlet for listening to music. Following Echo being a runaway success, Google copied it with its Home assistant. [Full Article...]

How to download iOS 11

Tapping Apple's Siri digital assistant, such a speaker is expected to serve as a butler as well as an outlet for listening to music. Apple mentioned that its Apple Music has grown since launch now hitting 27 million paid subscribers. [Full Article...]

Apple pushes Siri to the fore at annual developer conference

Longterm, the goal is for Siri to learn everything about you, from your taste in photos to what you might be interested in based on your browsing habits, to learning your vocabulary. Apple's entry into the market could change that. The new 10.5-inch model offers room for a full-size keyboard, something the 9.7 inch model couldn't. [Full Article...]

Durant, Curry hit golden form

It was Curry's backcourt mate, Klay Thompson , who came closest to writing an easy column for me. Durant averaged 32.0 points in his final three road games of that series (Games 2, 5 and 7) but the Thunder lost all three. After the game, Green said Kerr's return was a positive for the team but added that he coached them so well through 82 regular season games that they could implement hi... [Full Article...]

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