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Snap Q1 earnings report: users grow but shares drop

Losses ballooned to $2. 2 billion , up from $104.6 million in the year ago quarter, due to one-time charges from the IPO and taxes, the Venice, Calif. However, it seems like users are not happy with the unsorted Stories feature. Unlike Twitter and Facebook , LinkedIn was also profitable, with net income of $4.5 million. [Full Article...]

Stephen Colbert says he knows the real reason Trump fired James Comey

Until Trump's remarks Thursday, White House aides pointed to that memo, as well as one from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as the catalysts for Comey's firing. McCabe later told the senators that he will not update the White House on the progress of the investigation. "I mean he told me that", the president said. [Full Article...]

Nepal to sign OBOR pact with China

Such videos represent a broader attempt by the Chinese government to present a friendly image to the world ahead of the One Belt, One Road Forum this weekend, believes Tom Miller, author of the 2017 book "China's Asian Dream: Empire Building Along the New Silk Road". [Full Article...]

Judge approves emissions-cheating settlement for 3-liter VWs

Judge approves emissions-cheating settlement for 3-liter VWs Under the settlement, owners of 3.0-liter diesel vehicles from model-years 2009 to 2012 are eligible to receive buybacks, plus additional compensation of $7,755 to $13,880. Vehicle owners will receive between $200 and $1,500 each from the Bosch settlement, depending on the make and model of their auto. Under the settlement, Volkswagen agreed to sweeping reforms, new audits and oversight. [Full Article...]

Pentagon: IS in Afghanistan leader killed in April raid

USA military officials in Afghanistan have previously said Hasib's death would "significantly degrade" the group's operations and "help reach our goal of destroying them in 2017". USA officials said the slain IS chief also directed fighters to behead local elders in front of their families and ordered the kidnapping of women and girls to forcibly marry them off to his fighters. [Full Article...]

Focus of deadly opioid epidemic shifts to fentanyl

Focus of deadly opioid epidemic shifts to fentanyl Only 172 have been confirmed for the first three months of this year, but health officials estimate an additional 242 to 307 deaths will ultimately be added to the list. "They're getting that, overdosing, passing out, and falling over", said Caleb Banta-Green, a senior research scientist with the University of Washington Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute. [Full Article...]

Samsung issues Galaxy S8 and S8+ battery pack

Well, it's here, and while it's neither the biggest nor the most affordable, if portability is what you're after, this may be a good fit for you. You also get a Micro USB to USB Type-C adapter right in the box, so if your device has a USB Type-C port or if you want to charge the battery pack with a Micro USB cable, all of that is possible. [Full Article...]

Microsoft's affordable VR controllers will have inside-out tracking

Microsoft's affordable VR controllers will have inside-out tracking The demo showed how a set for a future Cirque show could be constructed in actual scale, skinned with textures, and then have holographic actors applied. The company is teaming up with hardware makers to make controllers for Windows-powered mixed reality headsets, like the upcoming headset from Acer. [Full Article...]

I was going to fire that 'showboat' no matter what

Rosenstein's critical assessment of Mr.Comey's job performance to justify the firing. "I have the highest respect for his abilities, his integrity, and it has been the greatest privilege and honor of my professional life to work with him". Many are suggesting Comey's ouster has more to do with his investigation into Russian meddling in the USA election and possible collusion between Trump associat... [Full Article...]

Acting FBI Boss To Take Comey's Place At Senate Intel Hearing

What does Comey know about the Russian Federation investigation? Warner said he was offended at Trump's remarks. Former FBI director James Comey has said he will "be fine", and will not dwell on how he was sacked by President Donald Trump . [Full Article...]

British, UN leaders to address Somalia humanitarian crisis

British, UN leaders to address Somalia humanitarian crisis The meeting will be co-chaired by the Somalia President, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and British Prime Minister Theresa May. World powers agreed plans in London to support and train Somalia's army and police to take over duties now performed by the African Union . [Full Article...]

USA to arm Syrian Kurds fighting ISIS

Mattis stressed the enduring nature of the U.S. -Turkey relationship in a meeting with Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, the first face-to-face contact between officials from the two countries since the U.S. "The Trump administration providing arms to a terrorist organisation - either directly or indirectly through the YPG - does not change the fact that this amounts to support to a terror organisat... [Full Article...]

Labor to back retaining budget fix levy

And the opposition and crossbench look set to team up in a bid to force the government to keep the 2 per cent deficit levy, which is due to expire on July 1 - though such a move would likely anger the Liberal Party base. He confirmed Labor would not oppose the budget's tax on big banks, which has sparked a furious reaction from the banking sector. "If the banks pass on a single dollar of this ta... [Full Article...]

Microsoft Debuts the Invoke Smart Speaker Featured

The Redmond-based company intends to use its AI assistant to power a slew of devices by end 2017. At the Build 2017 developer conference now being held in Seattle, the Redmond giant has announced that it has signed up two more prominent hardware partners, Intel and HP, to launch Cortana-powered devices. [Full Article...]

8 dead, 20 injured after moderate quake in far western China

8 dead, 20 injured after moderate quake in far western China Eleven people are also believed to have been injured, with more casualties expected to be confirmed as the damage is assessed by emergency services. Taxkorgan, some 1,250 kilometers from Urumqi, capital of the region, borders Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. [Full Article...]

Trump's trade nominee gets broad Senate support

Trump's trade nominee gets broad Senate support Lighthizer, who has assailed some Republicans for being too pro-free trade, told the Senate panel earlier this year that the USA should have an "America-first trade policy". In 2008, he wrote a column in The New York Times criticizing McCain, then the Republican presidential candidate, for his unstinting support of free trade. [Full Article...]

Did Yates Testimony Shed Light On Flynn's Russian Contacts?

Did Yates Testimony Shed Light On Flynn's Russian Contacts? Michael Flynn's conduct and the Trump administration's handling of the allegations about him. In a statement , Sens. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Mark Warner (D-VA) said the committee issued a subpoena for "documents relevant to the Committee's investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election". [Full Article...]

Ismail Haniyeh elected new Hamas chief

Ismail Haniyeh elected new Hamas chief Haniya, seen as a pragmatist within the movement, is expected to remain in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave run by Hamas since 2007. The newly-elected leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, has pledged his support for the Palestinian political prisoners now waging a historic mass strike in Israeli cells. [Full Article...]

Defecting French ex-PM Valls is told he must join Macron's party

Webber said: "Adam's extremely clear writing and analysis impressed me immediately: his eye for human detail and careful examination of the stages of the Macron surge add a thrilling dimension to this tale of unexpected political victory". Macron, after all, said in his election manifesto that Brexit was a "crime" that would plunge the United Kingdom into "servitude", and he told reporters after v... [Full Article...]

China presses South Korea on Thaad missile system

He also said he was prepared to go to Pyongyang "if the conditions are right". Special envoys to Russia, Japan and the United States will reportedly be the ruling party members Song Young-gil and Moon Hee-sang as well as the former head of a local cable TV channel JTBC, Hong Seok-hyun, respectively. [Full Article...]

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