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Car plows into Times Square crowd; 1 dead, about 20 hurt

Car plows into Times Square crowd; 1 dead, about 20 hurt Officers there told her there was an "unknown speeding vehicle", Sciutto said. "There were a lot of people out, enjoying the good day, and then I heard screaming and the auto running over bodies", she said. It was unclear when Rojas, who was in custody, would get a lawyer or face formal charges in court. Someone tweeted a photo of a maroon-looking sedan halfway on its side after appearing to... [Full Article...]

Palestinians hope for settlement curb if peace talks resume

It was the latest sign of the Israeli right's growing disenchantment with Trump after having rejoiced in his election. When President Trump visits Jerusalem's Western Wall, one of the holiest Jewish sites in the world, during his trip to Israel next week, he will be the first-ever sitting U.S. [Full Article...]

Iran reformist drops out of election, supports Rouhani

If no candidate passes the threshold of 50%, a second round is held with the two highest-vote candidates. Obviously, U.S. President Donald Trump's repeated denunciations of the Iran nuclear deal could add fuel to charges by hard-liners that Mr. [Full Article...]

Syria is burning bodies to hide proof of mass killings

Syria is burning bodies to hide proof of mass killings Along with the crematorium accusations, the source referred to the allegations of the government's use of "barrel bombs" and "chemical weapons" as calculated fabrications. The State Department released satellite images of what it said was a building in the prison complex being modified to support the crematorium . The time has come to eliminate Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, according to ... [Full Article...]

Destiny 2 for PC Will Be Exclusive to

The latest " Destiny 2 " rumor suggest that the PS4 and PC version of the new shooter game might include some sort of cross-saving feature. The gameplay trailer for Destiny 2 opens with a cinematic from the game's start. Check below for more content for Destiny 2 . Below you can look at the first seven minutes of the first mission called "Homecoming". One new area is the European Dead Zone... [Full Article...]

What Twitter's privacy changes mean for you

What Twitter's privacy changes mean for you To access this information, go to Settings and Privacy Accounts Your Twitter data Your data on mobile, or Settings and privacy Your Twitter data on the website. You just have to click the "Request advertiser list" button under the Your Twitter Data settings, and nearly instantly you will receive a PDF of the Twitter handles of companies that dangled their sweet promotions in your feed. [Full Article...]

'No, no. Next question': Trump rejects collusion & Comey's claims

But before the reporter had the chance to finish his question, Trump interrupted him with an assertive "no" and said "next question". He went on to sharply criticize the investigation into his campaign's possible collusion with Russian officials to influence the USA election. [Full Article...]

Log in, look out: Cyber chaos spreads with workweek's start

It said Sunday that a similar cyberattack could also recur, though it did not have "specific evidence" of this. Germany's national railway says that it was among the organizations affected by the global cyberattack but there was no impact on train services. [Full Article...]

Japanese Princess shocked the world with his act

Japanese Princess shocked the world with his act Once she marries, Mako will no longer be a princess and will become a commoner. Japan's Princess Mako is giving up her royal status - all in the name of love. They both are 25-years-old. Much has been made of the fact that after becoming "a commoner" the former princess had to - shock horror - learn how to drive, shop in a supermarket and even buy furniture for her new abode. [Full Article...]

Senate Intelligence Committee requests Comey memos

The Judiciary Committee letter to the White House mentioned the Times article, saying "the article alleged that Mr. Comey had memorialized a conversation with the President in which the President made statements that have been interpreted as asking the Federal Bureau of Investigation to clear Mr. [Full Article...]

Kushner Companies' Pitch To Chinese Investors Raises Conflict Of Interest Questions

Kushner Companies' Pitch To Chinese Investors Raises Conflict Of Interest Questions Revelations that the sister of Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser, promoted a program offering a path to US citizenship to Chinese backers in a Kushner family project bring new scrutiny to a foreign investor visa program . [Full Article...]

EU, US to meet on airline security

WHY NOW? U.S. officials say the Islamic State and al Qaeda have been trying for years to construct a bomb inside a laptop. Expanding the ban to Europe would disproportionately affect USA airlines. Potential plans to ban tablets and laptops from cabin baggage on flights between Europe and the United States of America have reportedly been shelved ... [Full Article...]

Google unveils standalone VR headsets - no smartphone needed

So why is everything so worked up about mere VR headsets? Developers will get their first glimpse of Google's next-generation virtual reality headset at company's I/O developer conference, sources have told Variety . The current VR headset from Google, called the $79 Daydream View, has been competing with Samsung Gear VR, but both headsets depend on special applications and offer narrow range o... [Full Article...]

Tamil Nadu to introduce board exams for Class XI students

Tamil Nadu to introduce board exams for Class XI students Keeping in mind the large number of students, the TNBSE / DGETN has made special arrangements to ensure that all the students are able to get their Tamil Nadu Board 10th Result easily without any delays. The board has conducted the class 10 examination for all the students starting from 8th March and completed on 30th March 2017. The board takes the responsibility of conducting board exams, prepar... [Full Article...]

Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment on House floor

Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment on House floor Flynn. From having Russians kicking it in The White House to passing classified secrets to said Russians to James Comey having receipts, Donald Trump is in the midst of deep struggle. The White House has denied the report . But I tell you from a lay point of view it looked like he was trying to impede the investigation. "It's a position of conscience for me, and I have not talked to another... [Full Article...]

Environment minister Anil Madhav Dave passes away

Environment minister Anil Madhav Dave passes away Dave was an RSS ideologue and has written a number of books, including on Shivaji Maharaj, and on Narmada river. A senior doctor at AIIMS said, "The minister (Dave) was brought to AIIMS, New Delhi at around 8.50 am". A postgraduate in commerce, he was involved in the JP movement in the 1970s. No final decisions were taken on the resolution of the Western Ghats controversy, no final view was ... [Full Article...]

What's obstruction of justice and does Comey memo on Flynn prove it?

What's obstruction of justice and does Comey memo on Flynn prove it? Yet US allies and some members of Congress have expressed alarm. Republicans and Democrats alike were eager to hear from Mr Comey, who has increasingly emerged as a central figure in the unfolding drama. In January, Mr. Comey reportedly wrote a memo saying that Mr. Trump had urged him to drop the FBI investigation of former White House adviser Mike Flynn. [Full Article...]

Dadar is Mumbai's dirtiest railway station

Dadar is Mumbai's dirtiest railway station The A1 category stations were CST, Dadar, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Thane, Mumbai Central, Bandra station and Kalyan. The ranking of other stations in Kerala: Kannur (120), Kanhangad (126), Payyannur (134), Kayamkulam (14), kasargod (163), Palakkad Junction (171), Tirur (190). [Full Article...]

Fresh questions over Flynn add to White House turmoil

The White House, in return, said it felt Flynn deserved "due process", and it downplayed the severity of Yates' early warning. Then-President Barack Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice briefed Flynn, who according to the McClatchy report "didn't hesitate" to tell her to hold off. [Full Article...]

Nigeria spokesman says 1 Nigeria Chibok girl refused release

Nigeria spokesman says 1 Nigeria Chibok girl refused release She added that parents "are free to come and see them anytime" and that the girls are at the rehab centre "of their own free will, nobody is compelling them to be here". A total of 276 girls were kidnapped and 113 have not escaped or been released . The 82 girls were released to worldwide negotiators who have been working in collaboration with the federal government for their safe return sin... [Full Article...]

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