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National Spelling Bee gets down to final 4

National Spelling Bee gets down to final 4 She ended up in an epic spell-off against Rohan Rajeev , 14, an eighth-grader at Oklahoma Christian School, in OKC. During Wednesday's preliminarys, Vogoti spelled paillard (thin grilled piece of beef or veal) and laity (people of a religious faith) after scoring high on the written test that moved him to the final rounds. [Full Article...]

You'll now get fewer annoying review prompts on your iPhone and iPad

You'll now get fewer annoying review prompts on your iPhone and iPad Apple's new 10.5-inch iPad Pro was officially revealed just last week , but already some reviews are beginning to hit the internet. The 10.5-inch version rings in at 6.1 millimetres in thickness, while still giving you almost 20 per cent larger screen surface. [Full Article...]

French president tries to ease Gulf dispute

Al Thani reportedly hailed Iran as an "Islamic power" and criticized US President Donald Trump's policy towards Tehran. The Gulf carrier has also expanded financial investment into other operators over the past year, including raising its 15% stake to 20% in IAG, British Airways' parent company, and taking a 10% holding in Latam Airline Group in Chile as it eyes expansion in South America. [Full Article...]

President Trump: James Comey Leak Was 'Very Cowardly'

President Trump: James Comey Leak Was 'Very Cowardly' Republican Senator Susan Collins called on Sunday for Trump to "voluntarily turn them over" to the Senate Intelligence Committee and to the special counsel , Robert Mueller, investigating possible collusion between Trump aides and Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

Trump's environment official skipping much of G7 summit

Trump's environment official skipping much of G7 summit But the weekly magazine reported that Trudeau and some other leaders rejected German Chancellor Angela Merkel's aggressive approach to isolate Trump over his rambling and mistake-filled June 1 announcement that the USA would withdraw from the Paris deal. [Full Article...]

Chuck Schumer mocks Trump cabinet meeting in tweet

Chuck Schumer mocks Trump cabinet meeting in tweet After a weekend dominated by discussion of whether he had committed obstruction of justice, the president called in reporters for what he billed as his first full Cabinet meeting . Fifty-nine percent disapprove of the job he is doing as president , according to a June 11 Gallup tracking survey, with only 36 percent approving. It had a valedictory feel, like something coming at the very end of ... [Full Article...]

Across the US, marches and rallies in support of LGBT rights

Across the US, marches and rallies in support of LGBT rights The parade moved to Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood - now one of the biggest LGBTQ-friendly cities - after the community incorporated. In a press release sent to HuffPost by No Pride No Justice, the group said that "DC's queer and trans community is no longer willing to accept that Pride isn't possible without support from deeply problematic corporate sponsors". [Full Article...]

Senior UK Cabinet ministers offer support to prime minister

Speaking outside Downing Street after meeting the Queen, May said she meant to form a government which could "provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country". The acknowledgment that her own backbenchers have power to make or break her, appears to have been a key turning point as she went on to pledge more involvement in decision-making for her backbenchers. [Full Article...]

Putin denies having compromising info on Trump

Although Putin appeared combative during the interview , Kelly said on Sunday Today with Willie Geist before the interview aired that unlike his public persona, Putin was "very personable" in private. "But I frankly think we need to hear Mr. Comey's side and find out what other questions we need to ask". And then afterwards I was told, "You know there was an American gentleman". [Full Article...]

U.S. pressure not slowing down N. Korea missile tests

U.S. pressure not slowing down N. Korea missile tests Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said there was no report of damage to planes or vessels in the area. "It flew about 450 kilometers", the statement said. The North Korean regime under Kim Jong Un has continued to test short and long-range missiles defying global pressure to stand down including one from its closest partner, China. [Full Article...]

Ex-navy chief nominated as S. Korean defence minister

South Korean President Moon Jae In told an envoy of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday that the divisive issue of women forced into wartime brothels for the Japanese military should not impede the development of bilateral ties. [Full Article...]

Queen Elizabeth's speech could be delayed over election turmoil

Queen Elizabeth's speech could be delayed over election turmoil The committee's chairman has said he does not see any "clamour" for a leadership contest. Mr Barwell has replaced Mrs May's key aides Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, whose resignations were reportedly demanded by Tory MPs as the price of their supporting the PM. [Full Article...]

Triumphant England win U-20 World Cup

Triumphant England win U-20 World Cup Newcastle keeper Freddie Woodman also saved a penalty as Paul Simpson's side became the first England team to become world champions since 1966. England made most of the running in the first half though Venezuela looked unsafe in attacking areas. Calvert-Lewin bagged the victor on the rebound in the 35th minute after seeing his initial shot saved... [Full Article...]

New story trailer debuts for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted 4 may have been the end of Nathan Drake's story , but like all good cash cows the show must go on. The Lost Legacy is being developed by Naughty Dog, and is set for an August 22, 2017 release. She's on the hunt for the legendary golden Tusk of Ganesh forged by the ancient Hoysala Empire, and to find it, she enlists the help of Nadine Ross. Luckily, during Sony's presentation at E3 ... [Full Article...]

PM Theresa May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco

The new arithmetic of the House of Commons will also makes Brexit negotiations more hard. Negotiations with the European Union are scheduled to begin later this month. This would show her negotiating intentions to the European Union, take the wind from the sails of the SNP's promise of a second independence referendum and increase her majority, destroying the threat of UKIP and giving her more r... [Full Article...]

Theresa May to 'reflect' after disastrous election result

A surprise resurgence by the Labour Party gave the main opposition party 261 seats, followed by the pro-independence Scottish National Party on 34. However, the result could have a big impact on the final shape of Brexit . May had hoped the election would focus on Brexit, but that never happened, as both the Conservatives and Labour said they would respect voters' wishes and go through with... [Full Article...]

United Kingdom election: Theresa May could lose parliamentary majority, exit poll shows

However, if the Conservative Party had won just 287 more votes needed to secure five knife-edge Labour seats, they would have commanded a majority alone. None of them were "Jeremy" or " Corbyn ". Labour, with 262 seats, is similarly a loser and victor at the same time: in second place, but with a result much better than expected. [Full Article...]

Spicer refers Russian Federation investigation questions to Trump's outside attorney

The nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service said the White House lags far behind previous administrations in naming candidates for federal vacancies - former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. "They have talked to many people, including me", Bossie said. The White House doesn't want to hear any more questions about the Russian Federation investigation. [Full Article...]

Maryland, DC attorneys general plan lawsuit against Trump

Maryland, DC attorneys general plan lawsuit against Trump On the domestic side, they argue that the General Services Administration wrongfully allowed Trump to continue leasing the Old Post Office Pavilion from the federal government, despite a clause in the lease saying no elected official could benefit from it. [Full Article...]

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Quick Update on Its Features and Availability

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Quick Update on Its Features and Availability Design wise, the XZ Premium features a "Glass Loop Surface" that wraps around the whole smartphone. Another good news for gamers is that they can play all Playstation 4 console games on this new flagship by Sony. The Sony Xperia XZ is first Smart Phone in India with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 3230mAh battery with modes like Smart Stamina, Battery Care, Stamina mode. [Full Article...]

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