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Comey says Trump fired him to undermine FBI Russia investigation

But the president's son also appeared to corroborate Comey's depiction of an Oval Office meeting in which Trump asked the then-director to call off the investigation into Flynn's links to Russian Federation and Turkey, an interaction Comey noted in a personal memo. [Full Article...]

Ruth Davidson dismisses Scottish Tories breakaway claim

Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond and the party's Commons leader Angus Robertson , Sturgeon's number two in the party, lost their seats to the Conservatives. But Mr Russell reiterated First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's stance that the SNP would reflect on plans for a second vote. Labour won seven seats, up from the single one held by Ian Murray, who increased his majority in Edinburg... [Full Article...]

Voters heading to polls for NJ governor's race

All the Democratic candidates have endorsed a fairly liberal agenda, including a $15 minimum wage and marijuana legalization. Her main challenger, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli , 55, of Hillsborough, Somerset County, argues that her association with Christie will drag down the party in November. [Full Article...]

Congressman Ron DeSantis on field when gunman opened fire

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney , R-Okeechobee, left today's GOP baseball practice moments before a gunman opened fire. The baseball players were preparing for a baseball game that was scheduled for Thursday. "Thank God his detail was there..." He was dragging his body from second base. Ross said that he did not attend the practice Wednesday morning. "When we were in the vehicle, an individual came us... [Full Article...]

Ex-FBI Director James Comey visits hometown, dad

Ex-FBI Director James Comey visits hometown, dad And he can expect questions about his involvement in Comey's May 9 firing, the circumstances surrounding his decision to recuse himself from the FBI's investigation, and whether any of his actions - such as interviewing candidates for the FBI director position or meeting with Trump about Comey - violated his recusal pledge. [Full Article...]

Panama shuns down Taiwan, toasts to diplomatic ties with China

Panama shuns down Taiwan, toasts to diplomatic ties with China Panama had held ties with Taiwan, or the Republic of China , for more than a century, according to Taiwan's Central News Agency. China reasserted its hard line on Taiwan on Wednesday following Panama's switching of diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing. [Full Article...]

Why Jeff Sessions says he can't talk

The former Alabama senator denounced claims that he aided the Russian campaign , which saw hackers break into Democratic Party computer systems and leak their contents online, calling those allegations "an appalling and detestable lie". Toobin believes the White House comes out the victor in that Sessions will now draw the brunt of the criticism for not answering the questions, rather than Trump. [Full Article...]

Hawaii urges court to keep hold on Trump travel ban

The judges ruled against Trump on both the effort to bar travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days, and on the clause suspending the refugee program for 120 days. In response to the ruling, the president took to Twitter once again to express his displeasure for the ruling and to reference an impending review from the Supreme Court . [Full Article...]

Germany prepared for Brexit negotiations, says Merkel

Germany prepared for Brexit negotiations, says Merkel David Davis told Sky News on Monday that the talks tentatively set to begin on June 19 might not take place because it would clash with the Queen's Speech, which sets out the legislative agenda for the new government. The Liberal Democrats, who served in a coalition government with the Conservatives from 2010 to 2015, campaigned vigorously on an anti-Brexit platform. [Full Article...]

" "Trump calls Comey "leaks" of memos "'cowardly'"

Comey pointed out that Flynn may have lied to government investigators - as well as to the vice president, exposing himself to Russian blackmail - which would be no small lapse. It turns out that Comey's calculation on the Flynn request changed after he was sacked. "This is unprecedented in our history... the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director was the source of a leak", Sekulow said... [Full Article...]

Jeff Sessions Testifies He Never Discussed Election With Russians

Jeff Sessions Testifies He Never Discussed Election With Russians Sessions said he agreed with a letter drafted by his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, that Comey should be replaced. It was still unclear by the end of the almost three-hour hearing why Sessions met with Kislyak privately if not to address reports that Russian Federation was engaged in a hacking campaign to undermine Democrats and, specifically, the party's presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. [Full Article...]

DUP head arrives for talks with UK leader May

Jeremy Corbyn , leader of the opposition Labour Party, which saw its number of parliamentary seats and share of the vote increase, said there could be another election this year or early in 2018 after last Thursday's vote produced no clear victor. [Full Article...]

3 dead in magnitude 6.9 quake near Tajumulco, Guatemala

3 dead in magnitude 6.9 quake near Tajumulco, Guatemala The epicenter was 20 kilometers (13 miles) west of San Marcos, Guatemala, which has about 25,000 residents. The shallower the quake, the more risky it could be. A person was injured in the southwestern village of San Sebastian after an old church collapsed, the agency said. The San Marcos area was hit by deadly quakes in 2012 and 2014 in which dozens of people died. [Full Article...]

Otto Warmbier Was Just Freed From North Korea for a Tragic Reason

Otto Warmbier Was Just Freed From North Korea for a Tragic Reason His release leaves three US citizens now known to be held in North Korea: accounting professor Kim Sang Duk , businessman Kim Dong Chul and Kim Hak-Song, who worked at Pyongyang University. The US government was working with North Korea , trying to secure a release for Bae, yet when Rodman had the opportunity to speak to Kim Jong-Un, he didn't say anything about the Korean-American. [Full Article...]

UK leader holding alliance talks with NIreland party chief

UK leader holding alliance talks with NIreland party chief Perhaps the most significant of all for businesses, including the 800 odd Indian firms in Britain, will be the government's stance on Brexit, and whether the result will force the government to revisit its plans to deliver on a so-called "hard Brexit", moving out of the customs union and single market. [Full Article...]

Britain's snap election backfires on Prime Minister Theresa May

The result is being billed as one of the biggest political upsets in the country's history, with the Labour Party of far-left Jeremy Corbyn defying expectations and projected to win 261 seats in Parliament. "That's why at this critical time for our country, it's important to form a Government in the national interest". Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May waits for the result of the ... [Full Article...]

No hint of new gun control push in US Congress after shootings

No hint of new gun control push in US Congress after shootings Steve Scalise , the House Majority Whip, and also Alexandria Police officers, who arrived within three minutes, fired shots back at the gunman. The governor gave a false statistic that "93 million" die every day due to gun violence, before he corrected himself to say "93 individuals". [Full Article...]

Panel probing Panama scam asks PM Nawaz Sharif to appear before it

Panel probing Panama scam asks PM Nawaz Sharif to appear before it A Pakistani official says the country's prime minister will appear before a supreme court-appointed team investigating allegations against his family's offshore companies and money laundering. The JIT in its inquiry report rejected the allegations leveled against the probing team in connection with the leaking of Hussain's photo. After consulting with them, the prime minister has chose to honor th... [Full Article...]

UK's Theresa May holds talks to seal government alliance

UK's Theresa May holds talks to seal government alliance Prime Minister Theresa May is in a weakened position after losing her parliamentary majority in last week's snap election, leaving her vulnerable to both hardliners and moderates in her party. But speaking during a visit to Paris to meet French president Emmanuel Macron, Mrs May told reporters: "We as Government remain absolutely steadfast in our commitment to the Belfast Agreement and the subse... [Full Article...]

Rosenstein Says He Won't Fire Special Counsel Unless There's Good Cause

He said Trump had called him Monday night and the two discussed Gingrich's concerns about the probe. Firing Mueller after a month in the post would be an explosive political step and inevitably raise concerns that the president was trying to obstruct an investigation affecting the White House. [Full Article...]

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