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Pakistan tells ICJ that Jadhav confessed to his crimes

Pakistan tells ICJ that Jadhav confessed to his crimes He said Indian Naval Commander Yadav was arrested by Pakistani Forces during an operation in Balochistan province and he has confessed the killing of dozens of innocent Pakistanis. "Pakistan did not inform India of the arrest", Salve said, pointing out that India had moved the ICJ seeking suspension of the sentence awarded to Jadhav by a military court following a "farcical trial". [Full Article...]

Theresa May: Conservatives must not take local election results for granted

It's been a mixed bag for Tim Farron's party - they failed to break through against the Tories in the south-west England battleground but made advances in some General Election target seats like Eastleigh and Wells. However, within Scotland, the Conservatives had the biggest gains, up 164 seats to 276. The other parties, Labour, Liberal Democrats and U.K. Independence Party, lost ground. [Full Article...]

Trump sees 'fast' decision over new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Comey promised only that he could be honest, The New York Times reported. While Democrats continue to decry the timing of Comey's firing was a way to short-circuit the ongoing counterintelligence probe, Trump tweeted that is is all politics: "Again, the story that there was collusion between the Russians & Trump campaign was fabricated by Dems as an excuse for losing the election". [Full Article...]

Ransomware cyber-attack a wake-up call

The attacks exploit a vulnerability in outdated versions of Microsoft Windows that is particularly problematic for corporations that don't automatically update their systems. "If they know where I live, they could really do anything". And this most recent attack represents a completely unintended but disconcerting link between the two most serious forms of cybersecurity threats in the world today ... [Full Article...]

Ian Brady dies at high security psychiatric hospital on Merseyside aged 79

The couple's five victims; Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans; were aged between 10 and 17. A criminal and alcoholic before he was sent to prison Brady had been on several hunger strikes arguing he should be allowed to die. [Full Article...]

North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke

North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke Meanwhile, the president has also named a special envoy to the European Union, who will also visit Germany, apparently to deliver Moon's gratitude to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who called the South Korean president to personally congratulate him on his election, along with the leaders of the four other countries that Moon is sending the special envoys. [Full Article...]

Fairfax Media: TPG Makes Revised Bid

Fairfax Media: TPG Makes Revised Bid Private equity outfit TPG has revised its proposal for Fairfax , making a new offer over the weekend to acquire 100 per cent of the company at a price of $1.20 per share. The revised TPG bid is subject to a number of conditions, including due diligence, shareholder approval, and regulatory approvals including from the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board and New Zealand Overseas Investm... [Full Article...]

Olympics: IOC Evaluation Commission finishes visit in Los Angeles

He said "one out of two children [in France] can't swim by the age of 11". The IOC has four vice presidents looking into the prospect of awarding the 2024 and 2028 Games at the same time in September, when the winning bidder for 2024 is to be announced. [Full Article...]

Families who sheltered fugitive Snowden looking for fast-track asylum to Canada

Families who sheltered fugitive Snowden looking for fast-track asylum to Canada Snowden, 33, is wanted by American authorities for leaking classified information on global surveillance programs. His whereabouts were a mystery during the time. Hong Kong is not a signatory to the UN's refugee convention and does not grant asylum. The applicants are from the Philippines and Sri Lanka. After government screening, claimants found to be at risk of persecution are referred to the ... [Full Article...]

India skips China's Silk Road summit, warns of 'unsustainable' debt

The U.S. delegation was led by Matt Pottinger, special assistant to Trump and senior director for East Asia at the National Security Council. A joint statement by the leaders appeared to be crafted to defuse fears Beijing is trying to create a China-dominated bloc and rewrite global trade rules. [Full Article...]

India's plea on Kulbhushan Jadhav 'unnecessary': Pakistan tells ICJ

The Indian case was put up strongly by noted lawyer Harish Salve who demanded that Pakistan should annul Jadhav's death sentence and see that he was not executed as his trial was held under "farcical" circumstances in violation of the Vienna Convention. [Full Article...]

Harvard Prof Says Trump Violates Constitution 'Constantly,' Calls For Impeachment Probe

Harvard Prof Says Trump Violates Constitution 'Constantly,' Calls For Impeachment Probe Publicly saying he saw nothing wrong with demanding such loyalty, the president turned to Twitter with a none-too-subtle threat that Comey would regret any decision to disseminate his version of his conversations with Trump - something that Comey has every right, and indeed a civic duty, to do. [Full Article...]

Players history-maker Kim out of Byron Nelson

It was a curious Players Championship in that none of the world's top 10 could fashion a top-10 finish, but it still produced its usual share of sporting drama. He pushed his approach to the 18th so far to the right that it caromed off hospitality tents and bounced off a cart path into a palmetto bush. He finished at 10-under 278 for his second PGA Tour win, three shots better than Ian Poulter... [Full Article...]

Seven hospitals affected by cyber attack still in need of support

Clapper, who served as intelligence director under President Barack Obama, calls it a "very serious, serious problem". The attack is unique, according to policing agency Europol, because it combines ransomware with a worm function, meaning once one machine is infected, the entire internal network is scanned and other vulnerable machines are infected. [Full Article...]

Is the MP3 format about to be consigned to history?

Is the MP3 format about to be consigned to history? Streaming TV and radio broadcasting use ISO-MPEG codecs. These new audio codecs are capable of delivering a much better quality audio at lower bitrates when compared to mp3 and the creators don't see a future of mp3 format given the current evolution in tech. [Full Article...]

Korea's Moon to send delegation to China amid frayed ties

Putin was the last leader of those countries, save North Korea, to call Moon this week to congratulate him on his election. "I will go to Beijing and Tokyo and, if the conditions are right, to Pyongyang also". Moon has made no qualms about the fact he is keen on reviving the "sunshine policy", implemented by former South Korean leaders to bridge the failing relationship between the two nations i... [Full Article...]

Trump says wants to move quickly to nominate new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

In a pair of tweets sent Friday, Trump suggested he might do away with the daily press briefings at the White House and instead have his spokesmen communicate to the public only via "written responses". Trump said Comey wanted to have the dinner because he wanted to stay on in the job. The White House has since struggled to justify Comey's ouster, with Trump on Thursday undercutting the White Ho... [Full Article...]

Putin sits down at piano in China, plays Soviet songs

After playing just a few notes , the Russian president visibly recoils, presumably because the piano sounds quite out of tune. While many Chinese netizens praised Putin as a "great leader", they were less impressed with his skills on the piano. [Full Article...]

Less than 70000 dollars paid in "ransomware" cyberattack: White House

Less than 70000 dollars paid in Senior security staffers with Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency met on Friday and Saturday in the White House to assess the threat from the "ransomware" attack , Reuters reported. "We're working side by side with partners in the private sector and worldwide partners", Bossert said. "If you are going to be infected by ransomware, it will ... [Full Article...]

Iran election: Hardliner Qalibaf withdraws candidacy

For his part, Rouhani said on Sunday during a speech delivered from Isfahan's historic Naqsh-e Jahan square, that in case he won the presidential elections, he plans to cooperate with the worldwide community and seek to lift the non-nuclear sanctions imposed on Iran, in a hint that the Iranian president plans to open a direct dialogue with the administration of US President Donald Trump. [Full Article...]

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