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Macron woos tech world, pledges French 'startup nation'

Hard-left parties would capture between 14 and 25 seats and the National Front between one and six with other fringe candidates taking between three and seven. He also expressed France's interest in reinforcing cooperation with Morocco to address "territorial disparities and the promotion of the Advanced Regionalization Plan". [Full Article...]

Northern Ireland's DUP says talks with Conservatives to continue in London

Following talks inside, cross-community Alliance party leader Naomi Long said they were concerned about the Conservative-DUP arrangement. The deal between the Conservatives and the DUP , which has not been finalized, was also criticized by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. [Full Article...]

Trump confirms he's under investigation, fires angry tweets

Trump said a few days later that the Russian Federation investigation was on his mind. Now, ABC News reports that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein , who replaced Sessions in supervising the Department of Justice's investigation into Trump-Russia collusion, knows that he might have to recuse himself , too. [Full Article...]

Britain, EU to begin Brexit negotiations Monday

Ms Foster said she hoped a deal could be done "sooner rather than later". "Yesterday Emmanuel Macron , the new French president, spoke about an open door, he said if Britain is changing its mind it will find an open door", Verhofstadt told the European Parliament. [Full Article...]

Four US soldiers killed in apparent insider attack in Afghanistan

At least one Afghan soldier was also wounded in the attack. "Seven U.S. service members wounded, evacuated for treatment", US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces said in a brief statement on Twitter. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Saturday's attack. The total number of soldiers wounded is 193. "The Taliban have been able to bring in soldiers into the Afghan ar... [Full Article...]

US revokes immigrant parent protection program, reverses stance on DACA

President Donald Trump will let immigrant children who were brought to the US illegally but received protected status under an Obama administration program to remain in the country , stepping back from his campaign vow to deport so-called Dreamers . [Full Article...]

Trump Slams Russia Probe: Why Isn't Hillary Being Investigated?

Presumably, the president is asking why his campaign is being investigated for possible collusion with Russian Federation in their interference on the 2016 presidential election, but Clinton is not being investigated. Trump rhetorically asked in a tweet . Taking to Twitter on Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump chose to push back against the claims against him, while taking several shots at ... [Full Article...]

Woman who stormed stage during 'Julius Caesar' is arrested

Woman who stormed stage during 'Julius Caesar' is arrested Friday and interrupted the show for about ten minutes, police said. A NY production of Shakespeare's " Julius Caesar " with a Trump-like character who is assassinated had a boisterous new scene this weekend: A 24-year-old activist stormed the stage, yelling, "Do you want Trump to be assassinated?" As Loomer is taken away, Posobiec stands up and accuses audience members of being like Josep... [Full Article...]

Walmart to acquire online men's clothing retailer Bonobos

But it reflects Walmart's bid to grow its customer base into niche areas where its stores are not as strong. Bonobos, launched in 2007 with a signature line of better-fitting men's trousers, opened physical " Guideshop " stores in 2011, and partnered with Nordstrom in 2012. [Full Article...]

GOP Shooter Had List of House Republicans' Names

GOP Shooter Had List of House Republicans' Names The handwritten list reportedly included the names of Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan and Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, who were all at the baseball practice, according to NBC News and CNN. "I responded that it was the Republican team practicing, and he proceeded to shoot Republicans", Duncan said the day of the shooting. They checked his laptop, cell phone and a camera an... [Full Article...]

Gloria Allred to Bill Cosby: 'Round 2 is coming'

Gloria Allred to Bill Cosby: 'Round 2 is coming' The case was settled in March 2006 after months of depositions that would come back to haunt Cosby. It was the statement Cosby made in a deposition to Constand's lawyers in his lawsuit in 2005 that led Pennsylvania prosecutors to charge him in the Constand case. [Full Article...]

Republicans divided as Trump reverses some Obama-era Cuba policies

Republicans divided as Trump reverses some Obama-era Cuba policies Trump's policy keeps a U.S. Embassy open in Havana and allows U.S. airlines and cruise ships to continue service to Cuba . "They will not achieve their objective of debilitating the Revolution or submitting the Cuban people, whose resistance to the aggressions of any kind and origin has been proven throughout six decades". [Full Article...]

How Many Americans Are Imprisoned in North Korea?

Warmbier's medical team said they had found no evidence of botulism , the explanation given by the North Korean regime for how the young man fell into a coma shortly after being sentenced in March 2016 for stealing a political poster from a hotel. [Full Article...]

Trump confirms he is being investigated over Comey firing

Trump confirms he is being investigated over Comey firing Trump confidante Chris Ruddy said "terminating" the special counsel was under consideration. Last month, Rosenstein sent a memo to Trump raising concerns over FBI Director James Comey - concerns the White House then cited as a central reason for Comey's firing. [Full Article...]

Trump lashes out at 'bad,' 'conflicted' Russian Federation investigators

Trump lashes out at 'bad,' 'conflicted' Russian Federation investigators It wasn't immediately clear if others have been questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The NSA told the paper it will 'fully cooperate with the special counsel , ' while the office of the Director of National Intelligence and Ledgett declined to comment. [Full Article...]

Student freed by North Korea has severe neurological injury

However, after physicians conducted tests they found no signs of active botulism . He has suffered extensive loss of tissue in all regions of the brain, but they don't believe it's due to head trauma. Yun met in May with North Korean representatives in Norway, and the North Koreans agreed that Swedish representatives would be allowed to visit Otto Warmbier and three other USA detainees, a senio... [Full Article...]

EU's Brexit negotiator puts pressure on UK

The Conservatives have reached a "broad agreement" with the DUP, a source told AFP on Thursday. Asked if he was now accepting Brussels' timetable, as set out by chief negotiator Michel Barnier, Mr Davis said: "What we have said is we will start down this process but I will have some discussions with Mr Barnier about how we progress to the wider thing of the trade area". [Full Article...]

Deputy AG Rosenstein set for budget hearings Tuesday

Deputy AG Rosenstein set for budget hearings Tuesday Comey told the Senate intelligence committee: "There might be corroboration for our conversation, there might be a tape". Gingrich is correct that there is a certain partisan tilt to the team of top-notch investigators being assembled by the ex-FBI director: Jeannie Rhee, Michael Dreeben, Andrew Weissmann and James Quarles are renowned in their fields and have made repeated donations to Democr... [Full Article...]

Sony fires at Xbox with arsenal of big PS4 games

They aren't as constrained on release dates, with the PS4 Pro and One X both coming at a time which suits them. But the bigger picture of this is galling: being unable to play the same game across platforms because of an inability of competing companies to work together for the good of their consumers. [Full Article...]

Trump Weighs Firing Mueller, According To Confidante

A friend of the president says Donald Trump is considering "terminating" special counsel Robert Mueller . "Time to rethink", he tweeted Monday, citing Mueller's hiring decisions and Comey's admission that he'd instructed a friend to share with reporters notes he'd taken of his private conversations with Trump in order to force the appointment of a special counsel. [Full Article...]

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