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Britain hurtles into Brexit talks with weakened May

The meetings came as time is running out for the parties to reach an agreement on restoring devolved government to Stormont, with the Government set to resume direct rule from Westminster if there is no deal by June 29. Talks with the DUP broke up on Tuesday night without an agreement, but Mrs May said the discussions had been "productive". Both parties are committed to a strengthening British... [Full Article...]

India, Pakistan admitted to SCO as full members

All members described India's accession to SCO as historic and said it would strengthen security and promote regional cooperation among member countries. With the inclusion of Pakistan and India, the SCO will have a total of eight states as permanent members - after China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia , Tajikistan and Uzbekistan . [Full Article...]

GOP Sen. Roy Blunt: 'President should stop talking about' Russian Federation investigation

Although Gingrich resigned as speaker after humiliating loses in the 1998 Congressional election, the House later impeached Bill Clinton on obstruction of justice charges. I wonder who we should burn at the stake? Gingrich referred to a Wednesday Washington Post story alleging that Mueller was expanding the Russian Federation probe to include investigation Trump for potential obstruction of ... [Full Article...]

Rubio: Trump firing Mueller 'not going to happen'

He complained, "I am being investigated for firing the Federal Bureau of Investigation director by the man who told me to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director!" Trump did not identify "the man" but appeared to be questioning the integrity of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein , the Justice Department's No. [Full Article...]

ISIS leader Al Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russian airstrike

ISIS leader Al Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russian airstrike However, Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said that as of now, there is no certainty if the terrorist group leader is still alive, as reported by The Guardian . A character shrouded in mystery, Baghdadi's real name may be Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim al-Badri, and he may have been born in 1971 in Samarra, an ancient Iraqi city in the so-called Sunni Triangle north of Baghdad . [Full Article...]

Syrian warplane shot down by US-led coalition

It said that "pro-Syrian regime forces" had earlier attacked an SDF-held town south of Tabqa and wounded a number of fighters, driving them from the town. "The Coalition's mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria ", the statement said. The rare attack was the first time a US jet has shot down a manned hostile aircraft in more than a decade, and signaled the United States' sharply intensifying ... [Full Article...]

North Korea: US officials seized diplomatic package at JFK

The alleged seizure, which took place on Friday as diplomats were returning from a United Nations conference on disability rights, was deemed "an illegal and heinous act of provocation" by a spokesman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in North Korea's official KCNA news agency . [Full Article...]

White House officials deny claim Trump seeking Mueller firing

White House officials deny claim Trump seeking Mueller firing Ryan noted if Trump chose to fire Mueller, it would be a "big problem for him politically". Under questioning from South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rosenstein said that having given political donations is not a disqualifier. Ryan told reporters Tuesday: "The best advice would be to let Robert Mueller do his job". It's unclear whether the president could override those rules and order Rosens... [Full Article...]

Vehicle strikes several pedestrians on London road

A van was driven into pedestrians in north London last night, causing at least ten casualties, witnesses said. The police said they were called after reports of a collision on Seven Sisters Road, which runs through the Finsbury Park area of the city. [Full Article...]

United States student, freed from North Korea with neurological injury, was 'brutalized' -father

United States student, freed from North Korea with neurological injury, was 'brutalized' -father Warmbier also appeared to have weak arm and leg muscles. Kanter said they have very little information about Otto's care in North Korea , except they did get access to images of Otto's brain from April 2016. "I call on them to release the other Americans being held", he urged. "We did what we could, we tried to stay low, we were advised that it was important that you don't upset the North Ko... [Full Article...]

Court sentences 30 to death in Egypt

Court sentences 30 to death in Egypt Prosecutor-general Hisham Barakat was killed in a vehicle bomb attack on his convoy in eastern Cairo in June 2015. Judge Hassan Farid gives the verdict of defendants accused of involvement in the 2015 assassination of Egypt's top prosecutor, in a courtroom on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, June 17, 2017. [Full Article...]

Palestinian militants deny IS claim for deadly attack on Israeli

In the other attack, the third Palestinian fatally stabbed an Israeli woman working as a border police officer. At the same time a third attacker armed with a knife reportedly wounded two Israelis nearby before also being shot. Both were shot dead after assaulting police officers. Three assailants have been killed. "Soldiers of the caliphate" struck a "gathering of Jews", the statement sai... [Full Article...]

Grim search at London blaze site continues as anger mounts

The death toll had previously stood at 30 and officials Saturday added that it will likely take weeks for all the bodies to be recovered and some may never be identified. The high number includes the 30 confirmed fatalities police announced a day earlier, meaning 28 more people are believed to be killed. Grief and disbelief at seeing a tower that had been home to up to 600 people reduced to a... [Full Article...]

London fire: Tower victims 'may never be identified'

London fire: Tower victims 'may never be identified' Sidani Atmani, 41, made it to safety from the 15th floor, but only after trying to help a disabled man get down the stairs. Maria Virgo, who has lived opposite Grenfell Tower for 11 years, told the BBC , "There's a lot of separation between classes and people are telling me that it's down to social cleansing". [Full Article...]

Death toll of 12 expected to rise in London tower block fire

Earlier today, Scotland Yard expressed fears that all the victims of the massive fire that engulfed a 24-storey tower in west London may never be identified. The package includes a guarantee to rehouse people as close as possible to where they previously lived - a poor neighborhood surrounded by extreme wealth. [Full Article...]

French parliamentary elections continue amid low turnout and En Marche dominance

French parliamentary elections continue amid low turnout and En Marche dominance Emmanuel Macron waves after voting in the first of two rounds of French parliamentary elections. Together with allies, the party won 32.3 percent of the vote. French President Emmanuel Macron will win a crushing majority in Parliament in a week's time, according to projections from his En Marche party's first-round victory last night. [Full Article...]

Amazon buying Whole Foods in bold move into brick and mortar

Amazon buying Whole Foods in bold move into brick and mortar Groceries have been something that Amazon has always had their eye on. One more reason it's a tough time to be in the food business - but a great time to eat. However, it was rumored that Amazon plans to acquire Slack . "This is an natural disaster rattling through the grocery sector as well as the retail world", said Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst for [Full Article...]

Grounded: All airlines ban Diwakar Reddy for his misbehaviour

Grounded: All airlines ban Diwakar Reddy for his misbehaviour Hours after tweeting that he would get the incident probed, Raju said there was no need for probe. Officials close to the minister said Reddy marched off to the lounge to seek the minister's help, but Raju refused to interfere. The government is yet to finalise the rules. GoAir said, "After careful consideration of the various issues and ramifications of the actions of Reddy, it has taken a decisi... [Full Article...]

Rep. Steve Scalise remains in critical condition, doctor says

In past years, the game has brought in more than $600,000. "And so I'm excited that we chose to do that", Texas Rep. Roger Williams, who sustained what he described as "an ankle/leg injury" while diving for cover during the shooting, told reporters Wednesday afternoon. [Full Article...]

Rosenstein Says He Wouldn't Fire Special Counsel Mueller Without Good Cause

According to the regulations, Rosenstein could only remove Mueller "for misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies". The public testimony Tuesday before the Senate Intelligence committee should yield Sessions' most extensive comments to date on questions that have dogged his entire tenure as attorney gene... [Full Article...]

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