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May calls the DUP's bluff and sets a date for Queen's Speech

This is only the second time the Queen's Speech has been scrapped since 1949. Theresa May is "confident" there will be "sufficient support" in the Commons to pass the Queen's Speech. In a letter to Mr Davis, they said it was vital agreement was reached on how the devolved administrations would be represented at the talks. Why has the Queen's Speech been delayed? The change means the new ... [Full Article...]

Russia Draws A Line Across Syria After US Shoots Down Syrian Jet

Russia Draws A Line Across Syria After US Shoots Down Syrian Jet The Russian Defense Ministry also contradicted a US claim that an air safety hotline had been used prior to the incident, and said that Russian planes were airborne at the time. Government forces and their allies are working in eastern areas, and have clashed with the USA and their partners as they carry out operations. Russian Federation said in response to the incident that it would target USA... [Full Article...]

Steve Scalise Still In Critical Condition After Being Shot

According to CNN , President Trump visited Rep. Steven Scalise in the hospital. Scalise was shot Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, . Although Scalise was able to talk on the ballfield, by the time he was transported by helicopter to the hospital, he was in shock. Scalise was fielding balls at second base during the practice Wednesday when he wa... [Full Article...]

Perth man escapes Kerobokan: Bali police

Perth man escapes Kerobokan: Bali police Bali prison authorities confirmed that Mr Davidson, along with a Bulgarian, an Indian and a Malaysian, were missing after escaping through a 50ft-long "waste tunnel" under the prison. The Australian media also reported Davidson had fled Australia in 2015 after he was faced with charges of possessing methamphetamine and cannabis, among other charges. [Full Article...]

White House discussing moving Spicer to senior communications role

White House discussing moving Spicer to senior communications role It just doesn't make any sense to me. CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Monday didn't mince any words on how he feels about the Trump administration's total unwillingness to divulge any information or answer any questions. "If he can't come out and answer the questions and they are just not going to do on camera or audio, why are we having these briefings in the first place?" "The White House. [Full Article...]

Finance Minister confirms 28% GST for India's privately-run lotteries

Finance Minister confirms 28% GST for India's privately-run lotteries Companies would be able to file simplified, aggregate returns in July and August, with a deadline of the 20th of the following month, said Hasmukh Adhia, a finance ministry official steering the launch of the tax. "We do not have the luxury of time to defer GST". Organised retailers do not expect GST GST to impact their sales despite general fears that it could disrupt businesses, and hope to be... [Full Article...]

Four foreign inmates escape Bali prison through tunnel

Four foreign inmates escape Bali prison through tunnel Kerobokan chief warden Tony Nainggolan said prison guards became aware of the escape during a routine inspection on Monday morning. Davidson was sentenced to one year in Kerobokan last September for immigration offences after he used another man's passport. [Full Article...]

Jared Kushner's business dealings come under scrutiny in Russian Federation probe

However, Mueller's investigation is in a relatively early phase, and it is unclear whether criminal charges will be brought when it is complete, USA officials familiar with the matter told The Washington Post on Thursday. The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the investigators were looking into possible obstruction of justice . During the meeting at Trump Tower with the Russian ambass... [Full Article...]

Cuba: Trump's Policy Will Backfire by Strengthening Revolution

Cuba: Trump's Policy Will Backfire by Strengthening Revolution Bloomberg reported that Trump ordered his administration to draft the new regulations within 30 days. Addressing a crowd of anti-Castro Cuban expats during a trip to Miami, Florida, last Friday, President Trump charted a course of more confrontational relations with Havana . [Full Article...]

Kushner heads to Mideast to talk peace

Both Kushner and Greenblatt will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem and P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas at his headquarters in Ramallah . According to the White House, Trump has kept the USA embassy in Jerusalem open in a bid to advance the prospects of a peace agreement. Greenblatt was scheduled to arrive in the Middle East on Monday, with Kushner arriving Wednes... [Full Article...]

Senate Dems plan to jam up business to protest health push

Senate Dems plan to jam up business to protest health push Amidst mounting frustration about Republicans' secretive deliberations to repeal Obamacare, Democrats plan to throw sand in the gears of the Senate to try to force a more public debate. Some moderate GOP senators are trying to extend the phase-out over seven years and ease some of the Medicaid cuts the House bill would make. Some Senate Republicans have set an informal June 30 deadline to pa... [Full Article...]

NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

The latest batch of over 200 planets can be separated into two distinct groups - Earth-size planets and gaseous planets smaller than Neptune. The Kepler telescope has added several hundred new candidate exoplanets to its stable of 4034, including 10 that are near-Earth-size, in orbits that would allow liquid water at the surface. [Full Article...]

Germany Vs Australia Live Stream, Preview, Lineups, Confederations Cup 2017

On the back of his breakthrough season with RB Leipzig, striker Timo Werner, 21, expects a fiery start in Sochi for the untested, green Germans. "Overall, it's disappointing. "The first priority is to develop the team, the second to win here", said team manager Oliver Bierhoff bluntly. Captain Mile Jedinak and key midfielder Aaron Mooy are both likely to return to the side, and both will... [Full Article...]

Britain's May urges Northern Irish government deal by June 29

Since then both parties have been unable to reach an agreement on a new political agreement. Davis plans to go to Brussels on Monday to start the negotiations, which will reshape not only Britain's role in the world, but also that of a bloc praised for ensuring peace after World War Two. [Full Article...]

Scalise still critical, but expected to recover: Doctor

In a speech Friday at a Miami theater associated with Cuban exiles, Trump will cast the updated policy as fulfillment of a campaign promise to reverse then-President Barack Obama's diplomatic re-engagement with the island after decades of estrangement. [Full Article...]

Microsoft announces Xbox One X as 'world's most powerful console'

Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One X , has been making the headlines for the past couple of days. Featuring a six teraflop graphics processor running at 1172 Mhz, 12GB of GDDR5 memory and a 2.3 Ghz custom central processing unit, it is significantly more powerful than the Xbox One S and crucially, the PlayStation 4 Pro , with its 4.2 teraflop graphics processing unit and 911 Mhz CP... [Full Article...]

Forget group win over Pakistan, Kohli warns before final

Forget group win over Pakistan, Kohli warns before final They have won all the matches except the one against Sri Lanka ", Pathan said in an exclusive conversation with ANI. But, Pakistan's three successive wins are nothing short of marvelous. We are keeping things simple as the more you are relaxed, the better decisions you make. "History can change, and I hope we can (change it)". Kohli also indicated that he would not be making any change in the... [Full Article...]

Talks to prop up May's government continue with DUP

The DUP and Sinn Fein have also been at loggerheads recently over the collapse of a power-sharing agreement in Northern Ireland that has meant the province has had no government since January. Britain's prime minister has begun talks with a Northern Ireland-based party Tuesday to see if they can create an alliance to push through the Conservative Party's agenda after a disastrous snap electio... [Full Article...]

Don't waste time, EU Brexit chief tells Britain

Brexit Secretary David Davis will play a key role in negotiations with the European Union, alongside Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary and Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary. It is not known how fruitful the talks were, but sources close to Mr Barnier have told Sky News that the two sides have agreed to have further contact at later this week. [Full Article...]

Ryan: "Let Mueller do his job"

Ryan: Rosenstein could face questions about the Mueller development, seeing as the firing of a special counsel would involve Justice Department regulations. Bob Corker said Tuesday. The person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. Trump himself does not have the authority to directly fire the special counsel. [Full Article...]

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