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Colorado voters may consider ban on childhood smartphones

Colorado voters may consider ban on childhood smartphones Colorado officials have recently cleared the language of the initiative, but it will now need about 300,000 voter signatures to make it onto the 2018 ballot . "I think ultimately , this comes down to parents. making sure their kids are not putting themselves at risk". For Dr. David Hill, chair of the Communications and Media Executive Committee at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), th... [Full Article...]

Trump lawyer says Trump not under investigation, despite Trump's tweet

Trump lawyer says Trump not under investigation, despite Trump's tweet In one tweet , he said: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" The conservative lawyer, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice , is assisting Trump as Mueller probes into Russian interference in the 2016 elections and the potential obstruction of justice by the president in the firing of former FBI Director ... [Full Article...]

People Still Missing After Grenfell Tower Fire Assumed Dead

The Prime Minister also set out to reassure victims about the upcoming judge-led public inquiry into the fire. "Equally there may be people who were in there that we believe are missing that did escape but for whatever reason have not let it be known that they're safe and well, so again I would appeal to them directly". [Full Article...]

Trump hosts lunch with Republican senators, Obamacare repeal on menu

Senator John Thune , the No. 3 Republican in the Senate , who attended the lunch meeting, said Trump was open to suggestions that some federal cost-sharing payments to health insurers under Obamacare continue in the near term but that the president did not make any definite pronouncements on that issue. [Full Article...]

Manhunt Ends: Escaped Inmates Accused of Officers' Murders Captured

Two escaped inmates sought in the murder of prison guards were captured in Tennessee on Thursday, can reveal. (Elbert County Sheriff's Office via AP). At that point, the fugitives left in a Jeep Cherokee, Swing said. "We need help out here quick. hurry!" The wife is heard sobbing in the background of the call as her husband speaks to the dispatcher. [Full Article...]

Microsoft expects consumers to 'figure out' which Xbox is which

Furthermore, Xbox One X may be expensive now, but its price would go down as the cost of developing one drop over time. There are however still many months in the launch of Far Cry 5 and it is likely that the team will receive a development kit in the coming weeks, so as to optimize the design for Xbox One X . [Full Article...]

UK: Banned building materials suspected in London fire

Prime Minister Theresa May met with victims of the disaster at Downing Street on Saturday, before declaring that the support given to families in the aftermath of the tragedy was "not good enough" . "The work to search the building is challenging, but naturally could never be done quickly enough for those now having to live with the uncertainty of knowing where their loved ones are". [Full Article...]

Saudi says captures three Iranian Revolutionary Guards from boat

Saudi says captures three Iranian Revolutionary Guards from boat Their destination was the Marjan oil field, it said. That statement made no mention of explosives and did not detail what type of weapons were found, though it said they were for "subversive purposes". After Islamic State suicide bombers attacked key landmarks in Tehran - including parliament - on June 7, the Guards issued a statement with barely veiled references to a Saudi role in the carnage. [Full Article...]

Finally, Britain kicks off Brexit negotiations with EU

The EU wants to deal with the first phase of divorce talks before moving on next year to discuss trade, though EU officials acknowledge that the agreements to be reached before Britain leaves can only be concluded as a whole package simultaneously. [Full Article...]

London police say 58 people assumed dead in tower block blaze

Commander Stuart Cundy of the Metropolitan police told reporters Monday (June 19) authorities spend the weekend in the building looking for the dead. Prime Minister Theresa May had to virtually flee the church she visited in order to meet survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire , which has killed 30 people and injured scores of others. [Full Article...]

Finally, Britain kicks off Brexit negotiations with EU

Sounding conciliatory, Britain's Boris Johnson said as he arrived at a meeting with fellow European Union foreign ministers in Luxembourg that he looked forward to "a happy revolution" in relations that would be good for Britain and the rest of Europe. [Full Article...]

Insurer to investigate Montana deck collapse that injured 50

Insurer to investigate Montana deck collapse that injured 50 In this image taken Saturday, June 17, 2017, debris is strewn about. The newspaper reported that law enforcement officials said the incident was under investigation. The department says it doesn't believe the county has regulations on the maximum capacity of balconies or decks. Leslie Dillon tells the Daily Inter Lake ( ) that she was on the deck when it collapsed and ... [Full Article...]

War, violence, persecution push displacement to new unprecedented high

The number of South Sudanese who fled overseas rose by 64 per cent to 1.4 million in the second half of a year ago. The UNHCR reports that one in every 113 people worldwide is either a refugee or is forcibly displaced within his or her own country. [Full Article...]

Germany: no punishment for UK, but EU exit good for no one

The Brexit talks will take place across two separate stages with unpicking the issues surrounding the present situation and how to deal with the multitude of bureacratic issues that the separation will bring first on the agenda. Both Davis and Barnier appeared to acknowledge they have a mountain to climb in the talks - by giving each other hiking-related gifts. How the negotiations progress will... [Full Article...]

SKorea to scrap plans to build nuclear reactors

SKorea to scrap plans to build nuclear reactors President Moon Jae-in vowed to scrap a nuclear-centered energy policy in a ceremony held in Gijang County northeast of Busan to mark the permanent shutdown of the Kori-1 nuclear reactor on Monday. "We will completely scrap construction plans for new nuclear reactors that are now under way", the South Korean leader said, adding the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan has "clearly proved that nuclea... [Full Article...]

Attorneys General In DC, Maryland Sue Trump For Violating Emoluments Clause

Attorneys General In DC, Maryland Sue Trump For Violating Emoluments Clause District Court in Maryland preventing Trump from continuing to receive government payments beyond his salary. The attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia hope a little-known clause in the Constitution will force President Donald Trump to separate himself from his businesses and release his tax returns and other financial information. [Full Article...]

North Korea releases detained U.S. student: How is he doing?

Otto Frederick Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who was detained for alleged hostile acts against the state while traveling in North Korea as a tourist, returned home to the U.S. The father saluted his son as a brilliant, adventurous and courageous man who did what he could to endure brutality and terror. "No evidence of botulism ", Dr. [Full Article...]

Modi's party backs low-caste leader for president of India

The BJP parliamentary board will meet in the next couple of days to announce its candidate, with sources saying the party had agreed that an active political figure should assume the highest chair in the country. "I hope all will agree to the name", he said at a press conference. According to reports, the BJP committee is holding discussions with all parties as they are trying to finalise a co... [Full Article...]

Russian Federation investigation: Attorney General Rosenstein might recuse himself

EDT. The official demanded anonymity because the official was not authorized to be named discussing the deliberations. Trump's Twitter response followed days of intensifying criticism of Mueller from some conservatives who have charged the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director and his team with political bias and have claimed his relationship to Comey and an earlier meeting with Trump ... [Full Article...]

Saif Ali Khan praises Karan Johar, says Bollywood is incomplete without him

Saif Ali Khan praises Karan Johar, says Bollywood is incomplete without him Saif Ali Khan appears to be somewhat ambivalent about his daughter Sara's impending career in Bollywood . "I keep reading various reports where I am supposedly averse to her getting launched by Karan because she will apparently become another Alia Bhatt ", Saif said earlier in a statement. [Full Article...]

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