More and Vi or More Vi

To edit a file after looking at it with “more” Press the letter “v” key and you will be placed in a vi session. Quitting the vi session will bring you back to viewing the…

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Collecting files

NOTE: Depending on how the command is used, an admin with root can abuse their privileges. If there are similar files on a system and you wish to collect the contents of those files (possibly…


FreeBSD improves video card support

Matthew announced some important work going into the FreeBSD operating system which should improve graphics support for a variety of video cards. “As of this moment sys/dev/drm in the drm-next tree is sync with https://github.com/torvalds/linux…


Ubuntu improves terminal convergence

Canonical has been working toward the idea of convergence for several years now and much of their work on Ubuntu has been to get the interface to work smoothly across multiple devices. The Canonical team…


Why MV is Slow?

mv command across filesystems is slower on large files WHY? mv would be slow if you are moving files across filesystem. The inode number changes only when a file is moved across file system. A…


How to adjust files times in Linux

To Make a file look older. Use touch -t option to change the time stamp of a file syntax is: touch -t ccyymmddhhMMSS filename You can manipulate the timings of your files using this option.

pokemon go

Don’t get caught by the Pokemon Go ransomware

Independent researcher Michael Gillespie discovered a unique ransomware variant posing as a Pok√©mon Go application for Windows. The Pokemon themed ransomware targets Arabic speaking users and possibly originated in Algeria, according to Bleeping Computer. In…


New Banking Malware Touts Zeus-Like Capabilities

Scylex malware built from scratch for financial theft, according to an ad in infamous underground forum. Financial institutions could be in for more trouble of the Zeus-like variety if a new malware kit being promoted…